Love Yourself Enough to Fear Nothing | #TeaspirationThursday

There is nothing more precious than self-trust. —Many days you will face fears, but in those times know that fear never derives from the fact that you cannot or will not. Fear derives only from the place of you have yet to. Both Frank and I once shared common “fears”…the fears of pausing to catch our…

Give yourself permission to be, to live—unrestricted

In order to advance and become the best version of yourself, you must give yourself permission to just be and to live unrestricted by your own misguided misconceptions. — Loveology 101 mis·con·cep·tion /miskənˈsepSH(ə)n/ noun plural noun: misconceptions a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding. I’ve always wanted to…

Outcast 101 | How to survive in a world of conformity

First, you must be completely able to see yourself for who you are as a living; thus breathing, and necessary being. Then you must be confident enough to exist and live as the person you have come to realize.


Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Get tf out of your way!

Colleagues, co-workers, friends and familia ask me daily what did you do? How did you slim down so fast, how did you lose 40+ pounds in less than a year? Did you workout? Diet? What is it E? What’s your secret?

Stop means Stop

Hey cravers! Miss you guys and I hope you are still pushing through! I felt I had to come and post this because  I feel it could help someone else going through it. As you guys know, I started a new job and for the most part I love it, it’s pretty easy breezy, if…

Keep pushing

In the mist of everything that has been happening in my life, my cravers are still heavy on my mind and heart. I haven’t forgot about you guys! A lot of amazing things have entered my life lately and I can’t wait to share them with you guys! In the mean time, I want to leave…

Reign Endlessly

Live like the ocean—forever moving and ever-unhindered by mindless boundaries. —Egypt