It has taken me 25 years to define myself, and I promise you, it wasn’t easy.

Have you ever just been tired of yourself, well that was me.

When I think about the person I use to be, I was unhappy, and honestly everything about me was FAKE!

I wanted so bad to be something and someone I wasn’t, and not even realizing I was trying. As cliché as this may sound, I looked at myself in the mirror one day and had no idea who I was. I wasn’t honest with myself so I definitely wasn’t honest with others.

My life literally revolved around my unhappiness. You know the saying, “ if you’re depressed you’re living in the past and if  you have anxiety you’re living in the future” Opp! Who knew my life that well?

Depression and anxiety became who I was, they were my besties, and quite frankly, I was tired of them. My tears became “how come that happened” and “when will this happen”, talk about a great life.

*Clears throat*

Excuse me while I adjust my crown….

I walked into 2016 a confident, sexy, grown, single, self-loving, knowledgeable female. I walk with grace and I live free. I don’t need permission or the opinion of anyone to tell me that I got it!

So, who am I, I’m Monic (pronounced Monique), and I’ve decided to stop hiding behind what society says is right. I live for me and anyone who has a problem with that can… well, I’m sure you know how the rest of the phrase goes.

Oh Monic? Yeah, she is Queen. Although I was designed to be a Queen at birth, taking on that role doesn’t just happen over night, which is my introduction to Purple Cravings.

 My position in this blog is to explore my inner Purple.

I want to take you on a journey of finding and bettering yourself, knowing it is ok to go against the grain, accomplishing your goals, self respect, and most of all that it is ok to be single while knocking hard on the door of your late 20s!

Crave Purple like it’s your last breath….

Purple: royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition.