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  1. pearl1111 says:

    Monic thank you for this post as it is needed in our generation to start respecting ourselves and realizing that our own lives matter to us FIRST then to everyone else and naturally then everyone else’s lives matter too. I like this post but I would love it if it read ALL LIVES MATTER. Where it is unfortunate that the only people reporting police crimes against citizens are those of the melanated skin. Me personally, am tired of the racism,hatred,segregation and sterotypes throughout the world in every culture,race, neighborhood,government etc. When will the time come that we all individually take responsibility for our fault in any situation;good,bad or indifferent and fix ourselves before pointing fingers at the next person? No, killing or violence is NOT acceptable but not just by white police but by the melanated man who shot another melanated man over a craps game,nor by the white man/woman being killed for trying to “handle” the drug dealer,nor by the white man who killed another white man for stealing his girlfriend nor by the white teenager killed by her jealous white friend. Like killing is killing everyone regardless of the color or your skin.

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  2. pearl1111 says:

    My apologies for the long comment ACE, but you know these are my topics that gets me going. But THIS TIME yes it must be the LAST time that we ALL stop the meaningless,invalid killings and violence and hatred. We have a whole world to keep revolving and it won’t if the citizens,humans are dead or at odds..


    1. Monic says:

      No apologies needed. I agree with everything you said. We have to be accountable for our actions and respect the life of others. However I can’t agree that this should be a all lives matter post. Yes, blacks kill black every day and whites do the same but to watch over and over how much the lives of blacks do not matter to ppl not just police but those that say he shouldn’t have done this or he shouldn’t have moved his leg this way or he would be alive is a scary thing. Especially when I watch videos of other races holding weapons, walking into places and shooting up public places get a slap on the wrist or pull the “insane ” card it’s sickening. When a black man kills a black man justice is served but a white police officers kills a black man on camera and it’s all of sudden self defense but these are supposed to be our protectors. All lives definitely matter but the way blacks especially black men,whether it’s death or jail, are treated and taken away from families is disheartening. The black lives matter movement isn’t about disregarding any other races or violence it’s just in the much needed support of the black community ✊🏾

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      1. pearl1111 says:

        Respect and to each their own perspective!!


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