I AM Queen . . . but unlike Beyonce, I’m not going to command that you or anyone bow down before me. However, if you would like to stroke my feminine ego by all means “bow down b****es!” Nevertheless, yes, I Am Queen. I address myself as such, and 99.9% of the time [exception left for ratchet moments] I carry myself as such. Thus I have grown to care very little about the next woman’s opinion of me or my walk. Why must you be so confident Egypt?                 When I rise in the morning, look in the mirror, I see nothing less than Royalty staring back, deep into my soul.                 My King calls me Queen, and goes beyond and treats me as such. My streets call me Queen –and look to me as such. My mother calls me Goddess— close enough. . . Now shall any other breaths matter?

So to set the record straight –I AM Queen, and You too are Queen.         As a woman thinketh,   so shall she be.

In Twenty-fifteen my crown was bestowed upon me. In Twenty-Sixteen, I’m going to rock this sh!t until the rubies fall out. You see –the last few years I’ve met the Struggle, and yes it is indeed real. Yet out of pools of tears, hard lesson learned, pain, the ups and the downs I emerged empowered with knowledge of Self, Love, Holism, Cosmology and Spirituality – and now I intend to share the wealth.

When Monic pulled me on board for the epic journey Purple Cravings has to offer Her, Pearl and I, instantly I felt at home, and filled with a new purpose. After all, it means very little to call one’s self Queen if she never puts forth the effort to perform a single royal action. So in order to truly be a Queen you must retain a sense of urgency and desire to share with the world what you know and have studied. You must yearn to uplift, help and guide others . . . you will be required to make great sacrifices—of your time, your freedom units and often your sanity. You’ll have to visualize, build, reinforce and finally and possibly most crucial—you will need to maintain all that you have created.

Thus this year, Twenty-Sixteen, is my year of diplomacy –I’ll call it The Year of the Golden Rule. I plan, with the help of my fellow Queens; and Kings, to be an ambassador, a consul, a diplomat to all of our sisters, and brothers, in the great need of love and empowerment. And along this journey I know I will learn a thing or two more about this experience called life.