Remove Your Makeup & Wear Your Make Up

Stop thinking that foundation,lipstick,eye shadow,blush,fake eyelashes and everything else is going to help you be a better you. Stop thinking that it enhances your inner beauty—there is nothing that can make up for your soul,your spirit,your intellect, your positive energy and personality.

Don’t smother your beauty with all of that Makeup, but wear proudly, confidently and sassily, your make up.

Hey Pearl, you know you said the same thing right. You are confusing me, do I spend a lot of money on expensive Makeup or NOT?!

Hey readers, thank you for asking! Lol! Well you see I am not a fan of makeup; foundation,eyeshadow and lipstick to name the least. But, I wear my make up; the foundation on which I was raised,the eye shadow that protects and enhances my vision, and the lip stick– the nuturing kisses, the advice,knowledge and love that is stuck on my lips ready to share with any fellow Goddess!

FOUNDATION..Not the powder that covers up your natural beauty, that hides the real Goddess, but the foundation where your morals,values and stability comes from.                               I was raised to be family oriented, loving, caring, tough,and not to take any ill mannered shit from anyone especially males. Both of my grandfather’s took care of home, treated all the women in their lives with respect and made them feel like delicate important ladies! Me personally my granddad made me feel like I was the epitome of Beauty and no one could compare! My grandpop treated me like I was the most precious gift to have! My daddy,some call it stepdad(boooo)lol, treated me like a princess,cuz my mother is his Queen. He taught me the stereotypical “game” created and adopted by society–males and females. He taught me to love myself in my legal adult years,to be honest with any male, to demand respect by respecting myself. My dad has taught me determination,dedication,and to go hard for what I want. I have taught myself through learning myself for over 25+ years to be unbiased, creative, a light welcoming lingering spirit, positively infectious to anyone, to see the good in the worse situation and to love a new each day!!! With refocusing myself and getting in touch with my spirituality, I wear MY foundation;natural and homemade!!

EYESHADOW…., No not the colorful palettes that gives your eye lids all the attention instead of your eyes. Nor the people, moments, and experiences that shadow your sight from seeing reality and your true beauty. But, flaunt your confidence in your pupils and wear your smile in your eyes and see if that doesn’t make your eyes pop💢!…….

…….I have gone through some situations, met some people and have had some experiences that indeed shadowed my eyes from seeing reality, from seeing me, and the beauty of LIFE!  I,like Monic and Egypt, have played the fool and got caught up in not wanting to lose a fuck buddy that became content routines that I lost me. I got so lost that the lines were blurry about who were friends with whom and if it would look bad if I slept with “him” next–yes I did….


convinced myself that it was cool and F double standards. Hey I am only being real for me and some of you too ashamed to admit or own it. Trust me, to discover or recover that oh so beautiful shade of purple this step cannot be avoided. I experienced giving up on myself and becoming blind to the fact that I was a role model (although at this time I did not want to be) of the most important kind; a big sister! But, as before in my life,today I walk with poise and confidence. I look any person in the eye and they see the width of my smile and the depth of my beauty! My past has not control over me, I have control over my destiny and my happiness. I choose happiness, I choose positive calm stability and fierce energy equally balanced! 

LIPSTICK…Not the cylinder sticks of gelled hues that makes your lips the focal point instead of the words you speak. But the paths of wisdom, the love from a kiss, that will forever linger on your lips.

Wearing kisses from those people who did not pay the toll–Pearl, or mumbling the sweet nothings to yourself from those situationships–Monic,or your lips turning blue from the cold touches of unworthy men–Egypt, will silence your inner beauty and power if you allow it. However, going through some things is a necessary evil so that you can see for yourself just how strong you are, how perceptive you can be, the love you have inside and deserve,and the wisdom your journey will bring!

So, this week I challenge you to not wear makeup and start wearing your make up! You should come out of this week remembering, or for the first time realizing, the time when you had power over you, and understanding and acceptance of who you were when you wore your purple and did not even realize it!

One Love,


9 Comments Add yours

  1. kelley says:

    I love the analogies.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. pearl1111 says:

      Thank you!


  2. E. English says:

    !!! Yo, lolz I was so sooooooooo taken back by these analogies and metaphors. I swear I was not expecting them to go so deep. . . :-/ I mean damn I thought it was just Mac. Seriously, your brain is majestic for this Pearl. ♥♥♥

    Liked by 2 people

    1. pearl1111 says:

      Lol thank you Egypt! This one flowed so I had to post this!!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. 25 Black and Alive says:

    It may be because I don’t wear make up that it took me a second to understand the metaphors. LOL! But I really like your foundation analogy! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. pearl1111 says:

      Lol may be that is the reason…however I am glad that the understanding is receptive by the opposite sex!! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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