Morals To This Sh¡t

I’ve seen a lot in the eyes of people, but nothing matters more than the soul of Man.

Life has taught me a helluva lot of things. Many of the lessons I’m sure I could have skipped and still made it successfully to this point. I call those the minor lessons, the little life lessons that don’t necessary change the course of your life as a whole, but leaves with a brightly colored gem for you to reflect on—Example: My parents had a big cherry tree in the backyard when I was young, and my mommy always said “stay out of the tree Shii Shii”. . . well shii Shii was hardheaded. . .and one day I climbed to the top showing off for my neighborhood friends, I fell out, bust a tooth out of my mouth—Mi Madre saw it all from the kitchen window {embarrassing right?} smh, she didn’t even give me a whooping. I guess embarrassment and a missing front tooth was punishment enough . Nothing more became of that, but I did learned a valuable hard-knock life lesson: a hard head makes for a soft ass, and/or a bloody mouth.  Nevertheless, that was minor lesson, because I still went on to play and grow and it didn’t drastically alter my life path. . . Major lessons, on the other hand, are things that cause a Paradigm Shift in our lives—for instance, you decide not to spring break in Cancun for the third year in a row, and instead you spend that time with Habitat for Humanity. After your Cancun trip you normally touch down at BWI Airport exhausted, hungover and ready for sleep. However, after a week of building and seeing the smiling faces of the new home recipients you’re exhilarated, and realize you don’t want to be a trip adviser anymore, now you want to start a foundation that helps people get back on their feet and back to living. That my friend is a Paradigm Shift. . .a change in your mindset, your direction.

For quite some time I was just existing in this place of subconscious self-destruction. I didn’t have a strong hold on what matters most to me in life. Don’t get me wrong, family has always be at the top of the priority list, but that was about it. I’m in my Queen State of Mind today because there came a point in time I began to question if life was really worth living?   Now when you grow up with strong family values and loving Christian [religious] values you know there are only two options in existence life or death. Yeah, I was never depressed enough to end all so I chose life. With that choice came the necessity of me finding myself—me deciding I needed my own FOUNDATION. I desired my own set of laws one could say; laws that would govern how I live my life. Laws which govern how I interact with myself, other people, places, things and even ideas These laws would determine who I Am, where I go in life, what I accomplish before departing, what I truly need and what I truly do not.  Now days I pray mostly for the maintenance and execution of the laws: the values, morals and priorities that will lead me to the highest state of being.

So, I crammed as much as I could into the following list—and though I’m not perfect, and I have my fleshly drawbacks this list of laws, some derived from universal forces and others from moral principles and values, are the foundation of my livelihood. I hope you find something you can takeaway. . . ♥

  • Love (above all):
    • For self.
    • Others—family, friends and enemies.
    • Your surroundings near and far, speak life to them.
    • Faith.
  • Heritage (A tribal mind: ‘nothing matters more than the soul of Man’.):
    • Cherish your foundations: know your herstory and your history.
    • Keep your morals: do only what aligns with your spiritual values.
    • Every mouth eats (where there is good food there is good progress).
      • #The3BasicFoodGrps: Nutrition, Education, Spirit
  • Passion:
    • Humanitarianism (what do you have to give to the world?).
    • You have a soul/life purpose. Your voice matters.
    • The world needs your vision.
  • Legacy:
    • Greatness (how will you be distinguished among the countless stars?).
    • Who? What? When? Where? How? Why? did you make better before taking your last breath on Earth-plane?
    • What will you leave to inspire the creativity, innovation and/or spirit of future generations?
  • Paper [freedom units/objects of commercial trade]:
    • Always be about your money.
    • Your passion should be in some part synonymous with your money-making hustle.
    • Don’t let anything stop you from making bank; after all Queen Mother Bey said”Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper”

Thanks Queens, and Kings who love ’em!

I’ll be back Sunday doing a little Soul Serving.

#SoulServingSundays ♥


4 Comments Add yours

    1. E. English says:

      Thank you for your eyes Queen! ♥


  1. nosyjosie says:

    everything that you listed under passion was extremely motivating. It goes right along with what you were saying in the last post I commented on. There is so much more to us than what we allow ourselves to see. We have to start fulfilling our purpose and stop robbing the world of the blessings we are carrying.


  2. You are so right Josie! Sorry, I’m a little behind on life right now. Nevertheless, yes–we spend so much time focusing on un-beneficial things that bring us very little happiness. Then we proceed to get lost in our unhappiness. Yet, the entire time as you say never stopping to realize “blessings we are carrying.” And if indeed we do take the time to stop and share ourselves with others we would definitely help the world and receive an abundance in return. . . Thank you for your eyes Love♥


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