I Choose You…From Time!

Hey cravers, Queens! I’m going to jump right into it and say that no matter WHAT people say, how they feel about YOUR situation or perspectives or beliefs on anything, stick to what you believe is right and for you! When you are spiritually grounded, instinctively in sync, and soulfully connected to another everything you do, feel, go through is for the betterment of your journey and will never steer you wrong

I knew all along that my King was designed for me and I for him. Although he could not see it when I did and he was not feeling it as I did and people, the few I expressed my situations with, thought  I should not stick around and wait it out, I knew with everything in me that I could not end this journey. Instead, I endured the struggles of being without him, to us living together for 4 months–

—research the meaning of 4

and back to living in a house away from him (that distance remains my friend). While traveling this path, we both got to see directly how our silence really affects one another because we did not have our  phones to hide our feelings by avoiding communicating, we got to see that living together will be good and would go along with everything else and we especially were able to realize that we needed to become stable individually before and in order to be stable together.  It was during this time too that we (he, lol) were able to realize and accept that we were the one for each other but still had some things to go through before we could indulge in that part of our journey. He questioned if it was just the essence of me and not just me. I reminded him that the essence:”the intrinsic nature of a person without which he or she would not exist or be what it is”; of me is indeed me. That my spirit and soul is what makes me shine! My perspective enhanced the vision of his 3rd eye!

I have always chosen him, but two days ago I communicated through music (the ultimate way to reach my Kings spirit) and sent him the song I Choose You. His response was From Time by Drake and Jhene Aiko(he imagined me sending that to him though).

What is your point Pearl? Glad somebody asked. Well, my point is that it wasn’t just outsiders that did not see US, it was him as well but because I knew, I felt,  I understood that I was supposed to choose him from the beginning of our time, we sustained a rough road along our journey to get to this place!

I loved and will continue to love me enough for the both of us because that’s what you do from time to time when you choose someone!

1 love,


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