~Calm Stability~

Heyy bloggers, beautiful Goddesses and Gods!  I hope your week so far has been positive, less cluttered, insightful, you have had fun learning about yourself and being FIERCE! 

I am going to be light and easy this week and then next week we will engage in some interactive blogging so tune in please!!! But, its great being fierce, especially when you learn something new about yourself every day and grow from it. But sometimes you have to exercise the right to have Calm Stability.

Calm Stability is the blue side of YOUR shade of Purple!  You know you, what ticks you off and what makes you boil inside so your connection with yourself and the universe causes you to maintain poise,approach situations with a “cool head” and with less confrontation. Your inner calmness is that quiet confidence, that voice of reason. A deep connection with your blue side allows you to have patience, to love with understanding and without judgement, to not act negatively impulsive. In essence, your blue side of your Purple keeps your Fierce red side in check!

What exactly are you talking about Pearl because all I hear is general talk. What has changed for you in getting in touch with your Blue side?

You beat me to it, I was just about to say that since I embarked on this journey and recognized my calm stability I have been able to minimize even more confrontation, not get upset as quickly, and the vibe it gives off is picked up on and admired. My calm stability allowed me to take a one-day-at-a-time journey with my companion (7months ago he was an old friend I was just catching up with) with patience and the ability to pick up on vibes that he didn’t even recognize in himself right away. My calm stability allows me to approach motherhood and a toddler’s terrible 2’s with a goofy and whimsical demeanor! You have to otherwise all the ways of the world will weigh on you.

So, ladies and gents, neither your red or blue side can be taught to you this is something already within you that you have to tap into on your own. Nothing will make sense until you take time to uncover or discover your shade of Purple; decluttering your life mentally and physically, forgiving anyone any situation that causes you to hold grudges or ill intent toward anyone, loving yourself foundationless! So remember when in doubt show off your calm stability and watch the forces of the Universe move in your favor!!!

Share your mental. . .

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