Craving rocky road…

“Where did we go wrong?…”

I ask me, myself, I and all the other muses dancing about my spirit the latter often—well I did, once…okay many times, but no matter I do not inquire anymore, because we all are here now, having this multi-sided conversation with you. We made it here. So, whether we went wrong or right is but water underneath an indestructible bridge, because we made it here with all the cuts, scrapes, bruises, short thoughts, joyous encounters and wholly irreplaceable experiences.

I had to go away. I had to go away for quite sometime—from blogging. Some detox from food and beverages, others social media and whatnots…I from my realm of curating my most transparent thoughts. Although I did not vanish completely, as some of you may have noticed I still popped up on Instagram every so often, in a whole new fashion—no pun intended—for love and light purposes only.  Nevertheless, I tried my hand at vanishing and breathing—damn near lost a lung…

We get so used to ourselves if you can catch my drifting…you know, I do this—I do that—repeat. Have you ever got sick of listening to yourself? Not really because you did not have anything valuable to say to yourself or others, but because you failed to actually practice what you preach or walk your own talk. Yeah, it’s like what good does it do a man to have all the power in the world to heal the world if he’s dying of cancer himself…no shade, no tea…real piping hot shit though.

For the last year or so, I have danced with anxiety—a ballet of sorts, like one in which all the characters—main, extras and obsoletes—die. No Hollywood’esque explosions, no heroic battles, no fantastical deaths scenes though…naw,  it’s real unclimatic…some arsenic and old lace’ish, only with less anticipation, because once again you have grown tired of listening to yourself—so when the time came for the last beat to fall, I had guessed a million times when, how and where it would land.

And yet still, again I say we made it here. So, whether we went wrong or right there are just so many places high or very, very low that you should simply be glad, elated, no absolutely without a doubt exultant that you went. Afterall, when you leave those places and return to self think about all the magnificent souvenirs you will have acquired, the marvelous wonders you will have seen, and the bountiful treasures you will have earned that only your heart could lay claim to.

Eh, so I went away! Back now tho, and guess what…

I still love you beautiful Cravers!


Here IN THIS REALM you will find MY life OF SURFACING.
There you will encounter MY story LoveTrips™
Peace, Love, Namaste & Jahla Kings & Queens ♥

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