Distance: a friend or foe?!

Hey cravers! I hope all is well and that you all are shining your shade of purple out into the universe! As promised I would take you back to the beginning of me, all my quirks, why I like who I like,love the way I love,and both the passionate and guarded heart and spirit that…


Never give up on you passion

Purple Nature

We are a species of greatness Who birth the next generations We nurture without hesitation bcecause it’s 2nd nature We must guide their education Provide a craving for that purple sensation I am untitled But does that leave me rhythmless with no lines A blank page, no rhymes I am untitled But does that define the…

Reign Endlessly

Live like the ocean—forever moving and ever-unhindered by mindless boundaries. —Egypt

LTMQ #2 | I’m not Her anymore. Period.

Golden Strides upon metallic stilts like a Lion’s Teeth drifting in a steady wind across a petrified playground.    A distant,             a sweet residue she is, one— I can no longer visualize in my dreams.

Morals To This Sh¡t

Life has taught me a helluva lot of things. Many of the lessons I’m sure I could have skipped and still made it successfully to this point. I call those the minor lessons, the little life lessons that don’t necessary change the course of your life as a whole, but leaves with a brightly colored gem for you to reflect on—Example: My parents had a big cherry tree in the backyard when I was young, and my mommy always said “stay out of the tree Shii Shii”. . . I was hardheaded. . .so one day I climbed to the top showing off for my neighborhood friends, I fell out, bust a tooth out of my mouth—