LTMQ #2 | I’m not Her anymore. Period.

Golden Strides upon metallic stilts like a Lion’s Teeth drifting in a steady wind across a petrified playground.    A distant,             a sweet residue she is, one— I can no longer visualize in my dreams.

LTMQ #1| i disappointed Her. again.

“I swear I cringe each time I open my blog book and realize there are pages upon pages of untyped, now out-of-date posts. Wasted mental juices, eh. Yet, as wifey, loveologist, blogger and active publisher my plate gets full fast and so do I. . .” — Formally unpublished meanderings & Lost streams of consciousness

Feelin’ so good I’m gonna go’head and kiss myself

To My Dear Queens—and Kings, Experientially speaking Queens . . . life will not allow you to be completely happy and comfortable within your own world or even your own personal space until you are moving within your own light. We wonder why we wake up most mornings miserable. And why some days we just don’t feel…

Fxck ’em.

When your supporters waver due to their lack of your vision—their lack of your faith—just keep on moving through the noise Queen. They’ll never be ’bout the life you were meant to live anyway. 

Powerful Cravers

“Love who you are now. Love where you are now.” —♥ E.  

Practicing my Timelessness

I’m sitting here, at my desk, with my coffee—in a mug specifically label Cappucino a million times over, but has yet to contain the slightest drop of that said beverage. Between each sip, I think about the pile of reporting that needs to be completed by month end. I think about my frustrations— not necessarily with…

If you’re going through hell, keep going. . .

At the dawn of 2016 I was ecstatic to begin this year knocking off to-do after to-do, and project after project. Yet, my readiness took quite a few hits before I was even able to get off the starting block. It was as if the gun sounded and all the other runners (so I assumed)…

Hello Spring

“Give them all of their flowers while they can smell them, and bask in their majestic beauty” — Egypt

#SoulServingSundays | Second Service

You can believe We crawled from the depths of the sea and involved into man overtime, or you could believe like Me that We were created in the images of Divine and conscious Cosmic beings all acting as One Ultimate Creator. Nevertheless, We can all agree that We are all HUMAN, and that We are…

Morals To This Sh¡t

Life has taught me a helluva lot of things. Many of the lessons I’m sure I could have skipped and still made it successfully to this point. I call those the minor lessons, the little life lessons that don’t necessary change the course of your life as a whole, but leaves with a brightly colored gem for you to reflect on—Example: My parents had a big cherry tree in the backyard when I was young, and my mommy always said “stay out of the tree Shii Shii”. . . I was hardheaded. . .so one day I climbed to the top showing off for my neighborhood friends, I fell out, bust a tooth out of my mouth—

Queen of Queens with her head hung low

At 16 going on 17 even my vivacious colors and eccentric style choices couldn’t keep the knuckleheads (so says my Didd’a) from blowing up our landline. And boy, oh boy was I feeling myself. Probably smelling myself too as my great grams would say.