Putting it into practice:The Journey

What’s happening Queen’s?! The post before last I said details to follow in the next post and I did not do that because a more pressing matter hit home and I had to speak on it. But, I am focused now and speaking of journey I cannot believe it has almost been a year since we started the journey of this blog!!! Thank you Monic for the opportunity and platform to touch others lives and be real and raw to our readers!

On your journey it is important to out into practice what you learned on your trial trip. First,did you recognize and accept that you were on your trial trip? That is key so that you understand that it is just that;a trial to learn from and gain all you are suppose to for the journey to come. So some of you may have been asking for patience and you encountered a young male that tested that patience but it still came easy. You learned ways to make being patient work for you and not be so much a challenge. Then,your time with this male ends,on good terms of course,and you must keep what you learned to implement it on your journey. Now on your journey you meet this guy (or a cirsumtance) where being patient isn’t as easy so now you put into practice what you learned about yourself and patience during that trial trip. At this point you find yourself less angry or irritated or anxious and more relaxed,openminded and understanding to allow yourself not to make impulsive impatient decisions.

Another key point is to make sure you do not backslide. During your trial trip that man or that circumstance was designed for you so that you know things are possible so things were not as hard and worked out almost too great. This time,on your journey,this man is different. He is real of course but the universe left him approached,unprompted so things will not be as easy. Now I don’t know about y’all but when something is easy to obtain that’s the route you typically take BUT that sometimes can mean that you backslide into your old ways to obtain that which you want. Trust me,it’s not worth it. You disrespect yourself,the universe and the work andexperience  you encountered on your trial trip. This is where again meditation and hobbies come into play. That daily meditation keeps you in balance and focused. Chakra meditations and healing meditations are awesome for this!

While on your journey, you will begin to see and feel the difference in how you think,what you think,how you feel,your mindset on different things…all to make a better you for you! This also does not mean lose that spark and that shine in your shade of purple–you are journeying now so it means you crave purple more and feed that hunger with wisdom and growth!


Until next time,

One love,



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