Contagious Hands Have A Purpose!!!

Heyy my purple cravers! I hope that you are still craving these three shades of purple and are shining your own shade! I have not had time to say thank you to my/our readers and for that I apologize!


This year so far is, one going by fast already and two has been very eventful not on the fun side of things though. I have fam~ily and friends who are experiencing some tough times and I still want to be able to have my way in a sense.

I’m certain you are confused so allow me to make it plain. There is a male friend who has been preoccupied due to the fact that his family member is fighting cancer.

— At this very moment I realized I had forgotten how to be there, how to comfort,how to console,how to tell somebody it was going to be ok,scared I would say the “wrong thing” or they may not take “my way” too well.——

I know that that may seem harsh and selfish but I felt like he needed to learn to balance his life INCLUDING ME. I had to remind myself that I should not expect people to act,react or think the way I would;predetermined resentments,right? I then had to realize that I once had an understanding about helping others and it genuinely made me feel like I was making a difference. I never looked for reciprocity either! Once I reminded myself of this, I had to decide to put  spoiled behaviors aside and get back to helping out my fam~ily and friends!

I have to step up for my own fam~ily as well,as both of my grandmothers are getting up there in age and need more help as well. I have not been there for my friends in a while either. This brings me to stability in all aspects in my life! Once I get back to that part of me;helping others,I will become more stable. So,I reached out and am reaching out my hand,although it’s covered in goddess purple,to my love ones from this point on! My purple is contagious and I will take each person by the hand one downfall at a time and pull them back up and watch them do the same for the next person!

Caution: I will say that you still have to learn and implement ways to still give yourself some attention and help. It is easy to take on other people’s problems and it begins to drain you and consume you and if you are sinking surely you cannot help someone else fly. Self care!

My apologies I’ve been “gone” for so long.

To all my Queens,you rock!

One Love,



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  1. nosyjosie says:

    What an amazing realization to come to. I think what you are experiencing is the norm for a lot of us who have been out of touch with certain emotions for a while. The fact that you’ve realized it is a great start toward changing those things!

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  2. This is Love!!! :-* ♥

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