Putting It Into Practice

Hey cravers,goddesses,Queens!!! It has been a very long time and I have missed each and every one of you. Happy belated holidays to you and may your 2017 be the year you put all that we have shared and experienced on your behalf into practice! I am talking to you and reminding myself of this as well because it is hard staying on this journey and staying focused;not slipping back into the old you and your scandalous ways.

Now that you have seen what your life can be like while craving and shining purple,you should demand it in every other aspect of your life! By now you have experienced the power, the respect, and the love that craving purple yields! So your next steps should be to take what you’ve learned,gained, and experienced in what I like to call your “trial trip” and apply it to your journey!

Details to come in the next post but I just wanted to introduce the thoughts and let you know ya fellow Queen is doing well!


One love,



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