Derailed or different directions to end up on the same path?


Some times your journey will switch gears and either you or your partner,rarely both of you,will start to drift into a different direction and it WILL cause uncomfortable days and long nights for someone.

Hello cravers,my fellow QUEENS, I hope this post finds you well. Sometimes if you or your partner are not stable individually or feel you are complete and self sufficient, you will start to take a step back from the ones you love. The trick with that is that things between you two could start to either derail or it really will just prove to be a step back to come back to each other in a better place;to end up back on the same path. You may be emotionally and mentally all over the place you may even start to feel resentment but you cannot allow emotions to be your compass as you travel that road. I would suggest clearing your mind,cleansing your spirit and resetting your emotions. Then focus on you and remaining positive and open minded about what you are experiencing and why. Meditate. Do yoga. Pilates. Zumba or my favorite I never tried,boxing.

The key is to not act irrational so that you do not miss any and all that is meant for you. See Queens it’s just as much “work”maintaing a relationship as it is obtaining one,lol.  Just remember you still have a crown on and although it may be difficult to get through, the sun will shine in the end!!!


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  1. kelley says:

    Yes! Everyone loves the IDEA of a relationship-the togetherness, the affection, someone spontaneously bringing food on your lunch. Just having a friend that you can get naughty with. But they forget about the work, too many prideful men and women quick to jump ship as soon as the new shine dulls.

    We all want someone that is worth fighting for, sometimes forgetting that we also have to be that person.


  2. pearl1111 says:

    Hey Queen! Thank you for reading commenting. I respect and agree with your insight! “…sometimes forgetting that we also have to be that person”…gold to me at this moment!!! As soon as the new shine dulls is what I have been trying to prepare Queens for either to avoid or work through;letting your shade of purple be radiant!!! Keeping things fresh and fun is mandatory to avoid stagnant and stale moments. What’s even more of a challenge is when one loves the other more!! But totally agree with you!
    1 love!


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