Heeeey Cravers! Hope everyone is doing amazing!

Be careful why you make “GOALS”!

A lot of times we see people, celebrities and even people in our lives, that seem to have it all together and have so much peace. Honestly, I’ve learned that people wear a mask when they are in the eyes of the public.

As always, I want to be completely open and honest with you guys in this blog, with saying that, I at one time fell victim to watching someone’s “peace” and wanting it. In 2014 to 2015 I guess you can say I went through a phase of unhappiness. It just seemed like nothing was working out for me, my job sucked, my friends were leaving me, and the happy life I was living once upon a time seemed to be ending. I began to see people in my life, and people that aren’t in my life, look like they were living this “peaceful, great” life and here I was struggling and unhappy.

One day it all clicked, I’m unhappy because things are changing and instead of me focusing on me, I was focusing how to be like someone else. Since then, I’ve stopped trying to chase someone else’s “peace”, and honestly I’ve been the happiest I’ve been in a very long time, the real kind!

The way I see it, most of the time, these “happy, peaceful” people are just as unhappy or worse than I was. In reality, I was chasing something that would probably bring me down from where my process is taking me. These people that I was “looking up to” are more than likely wearing a mask to hide the pain of what is really going on. Whole time, they are probably wishing they were living your life, wanting the peace that you have but you can’t even see.

So cravers, stop watching others with their fake peace and search for your own. In reality, they probably want what you have. – cough cough- They may even say things to you and try to bring you down, and you don’t even realize it. (trust, it’s happen to me)

Don’t give up on your process just because you can’t see the end of your progress. I promise…Your glow up is coming!


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  1. nosyjosie says:

    I love how so many bloggers are focusing on how to chase after their own dreams rather than the dreams of others. Good for you!


    1. Monic says:

      Thank you! I know I’m late, but 2017 needs to be everyone’s year to go it!

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