Set The Standards

Hello Queens and Kings,

I hope all of you had a great and blessed holiday! I for one am thankful for this journey that lead me to this blog that lead me to you great individuals!

Today,my heart lead me to the idea of loving yourself more than anybody else. Which is interesting because my last post was about love as well. So what I gather from that is,although I said love like it’s your last day to do so,I need to make sure you know you should  spend all of that day loving YOU more than anybody else and more than anybody else can love you! It is up to you to show people how to love you,why they should love you and even more be in love with you! When you love you more than anyone possibly could it becomes contagious and people have no other move but to love you,the inner Queen!!

When I began this journey, I was focusing on me,loving me,dating me and I’ve realized that I side stepped from that. It’s ok if it happens so long as you catch yourself and get back to loving YOU and craving YOUR purple!

Have a great week loving yourself!

One love,



One Comment Add yours

  1. kelley says:

    Yes! Loving yourself also shows others how to do it, intimidating anyone who is incapable of loving you right.


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