Purple Nature

We are a species of greatness
Who birth the next generations
We nurture without hesitation bcecause it’s 2nd nature

We must guide their education
Provide a craving for that purple sensation
I am untitled
But does that leave me rhythmless with no lines
A blank page, no rhymes
I am untitled
But does that define the flow of my words
Actions as stiff as a lifeless bird
I am untitled
Yet I define poetry

I am a woman I am an embryo

I am a mother I am a life I’d like to know

I know things happen and we don’t have the opportunity to right a wrong or correct a mistake but I assure you that under no circumstance is abortion ok IN MY OPINION nor is having a baby a way to get the attention or acceptance of a male. Ladies,my queens, once you miss your 1st day of your menstrual,the moment you hear a heart beat,the second you feel you are carrying the greatest gift of purple nature,you are fulfilling one of your most elite destiny. But do all you can to avoid becoming a stereotypical “babymuva” on gov’t assistance with no will to live. Create that foundation with a King and the rest will fall into place. Love yourself or no one will.

One Love,



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