Expectations Are Incarcerating.

Hey Queens,

Today I did something I said I would never do again;cut my hair. Last year I “unexpectedly”met the best man I have ever had the pleasure of being loved by. This year, 8 months and 13 days ago I committed to starting and feeding this blog with my very good friends/Queens without any clue I would be asked to do so.

Ok,Pearl what are you getting at? Do you have a point to make?

My point is this, all of those things came into my life only after I let go of the concept,the very empty notion of “expectations”. For those religious people it’s along the lines of “soon as I stop worrying,how the story ends that’s when things start happening”.For me,when I stopped expecting things, not just in my relationship, but from the universe itself I was relieved of all of the disappointments,uncertainties,detours and delays. It is not easy to say nor do but you first have to have the desire to not want that much pressure on yourself from always expecting.

Once you have the desire,you have to practice not expecting things you usually would. Be more aware of what you expect by what makes you sad because it didn’t happen,what do you question based on what you believe should happen? You will find that you do it[have expectations] in quite conversation with yourself now but at least you are not expressing these expectations aloud.

What is to be understood is that “what will be,will be” no matter how much we expect something different. What will be will be once you get out of your own way.What will be will be without you but the outcome will be perceived differently.

You imprison your mental stability and  trap your third eye in the darkness when you have expectations. Let them go and become free!


One love

Pearl !



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