Guess who’s back in the same week! Heyy my Queens and Kings!!! Thank you for all your support of Purple Cravings as well as of me.

I was having a talk with my mother just 8 minutes ago(9:17am Sept 14th) and she made a comment about someone’s actions showing that they may be ready for something they themselves did not know. She was joking because the whole thing was a joke but there was,there is truth in that statement. One can know who they are as much as they want, but if they do not understand who they are and can’t identify with it and then accept it then what difference does it make?!

The number one reason for people knowing who they are but not accepting it is simply because they fear what happens next. At some moment in your life you define yourself to and for yourself. That takes A LOT of self-reflection,honesty,and eventually acceptance. If you are a person who likes the same sex but you still hide it from even ONE person,or you still have a mustard seed size of shame or guilt or uncertainty…then you have not yet accepted it. Perhaps you are in a “relationship” and you love the fun,the love,the connection,the chemistry,the energy but you tell your companion you are a loner…perhaps you have not accepted that you are not a loner in that aspect but you just fear getting close to someone on that level in that aspect of your life. Or you just may be a loner but you are also a romantic,a lover, and you just need help balancing the two.

I don’t know what your identity is,only you can identify that,but I do know that it’s only after you accept who you truly are that everything else stands in place! If you don’t know who you are, pay attention to the people you are interested in,the things that make you genuinely laugh,cry,sad,mad,disappointed. Watch what color(s) you like,shows or movies you like. Think about what fam~ily means to you,friends,even the indifferent. Learn what your niche is,your need for tradition or new and different,religion or spirituality. All these things will help you identify and accept who you are to then have a happy and lasting relationship with yourself, others and a companion.

Shine so that other’s will crave your purple!


One love,



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