Your Child Is NOT a Pawn…

There comes a time in your life when you have to just exhale and just be. During that same time you have to grow up,stop conjuring up ways to make someone else,the father of your child,miserable. IT REALLY TAKES THE SHINE OUT OF YOUR PURPLE…In the end, the joke will be on you and your child will resent YOU and you will become exhausted from all the lying and deceit. It takes more energy to be negative than it does to be positive.

I mean really, what is your logic” for keeping your child away from their parent? Especially the ones that try to be in their child’s life and be a great role model. There is no true happiness to come to you with that mindset. Are you really that money hungry that you will use your child as a pawn to try and hurt their father? Are you bitter? If so about what? Were you in your own way and caused the “relationship”to end and now you take your hurt out on the father of your child? Perhaps all you were suppose to get from the situation was your child(s). This is a moment where you have to be in a heightened spiritual mindset where you can be honest,unbiased and optimistic to realize the purposes of what has transpired in your life so far. More importantly, to understand yourself and why you are treating the father of your son with such negativity and thus your child with such disrespect and disregard to the love you owe your child. Wake up and realize that your hate for him outweighs your love for your child. That my Goddesses is not cool.

Ladies, Queens if this is you that I am speaking of please take a deep breath,look deep within yourself and do the right thing. If he is trying to be in y’all child’s life,if he wants to be a father and dad let him the best way he knows how.

Child Support;If he is not paying child support because he is not working then work with him,help him out by taking him off so that it doesn’t accrue or get his License suspended. You shouldn’t be that pressed for child support anyway. You should be able to take care of your child and lifestyle without OR with child support. Are you actually using the support for the child or yourself.

I am so tired of women abusing the power they have naturally as a woman for negative. Be a real woman,stop putting these men down,making it difficult to be a father and causing the cycle to continue. What ever happened to co-parenting?

Get back to craving purple and making it shine!!!

One love,



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  1. kelley says:

    Pearl, I completely agree. I’m not a mother but I know this situation is not unique! Firstly, these women chose to have sex and keep these babies, so even if your feelings change for the father, why not make the best of it? Like you said, it makes you look silly and downright evil when you turn bitter. Why would you want to subject your kid[s] to such turmoil? Especially if the father is a good man who wants the best for his kids and is trying his best to be active + present.

    And, forgive me, but do you mean a “pawn”, not pond?

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    1. pearl1111 says:

      Exactly Kelley. And thank you it was late and I re-read this thing 3 times before posting I cannot stand errors….editing it now!!!
      But yes it’s such a sad issue I only wish to reach just 1 mind of a female mother and turn her into a woman in this aspect of life because it really is a great part of the destroying cycle men find themselves in.

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      1. kelley says:

        Right! I always wondered how two people can start disliking each other so much that they want to put their child in the middle.

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  2. pearl1111 says:

    Someone becomes hurt that they are not still together and are now labeled by society as a “baby muva” or “baby fava”,smh. That in itself I’m guessing can make one start to feel some discomfort and then let it manifest into bitterness and when those emotions dwell in anybody the actions become toxically addictive. The only thing is the actions are affecting the child more than either parent.

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  3. nosyjosie says:

    Definitely some food for thought in here!

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    1. pearl1111 says:

      Thank you my Goddess. Yes,I am aiming for controversial issues to touch upon and hopefully shead light on from a different angle. It’s one of those “it sounds different when someone other than my parents tell me,I would like to hear what someone with nothing to gain has to say type of situations. Where I hope my readers,to whom this hits home, will say “hey that is me,whats wrong with me”. I want to be that person to say it’s alright,you are ok,you will make it with or without…etc. I apologize for the rambling but lawd!!!

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      1. nosyjosie says:

        Lol I ramble, you’re good. And I know exactly what you’re going for with that message. I hope you’re able to reach a few hearts!!!

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