It’s Time To Create The Crave in Others

Heyyy my beautiful Goddesses. I hope all is well with you. I hope even more that you are shining and sharing YOUR shade of purple enough that people crave it!😉.

Oh yes,we do have the power to cause people to crave what we have,who we are, our energy,our total being even. Take a look at this journal I did at least 3 months agao because I was still renting cars(lol).  Then meet me at the end of the journal entry and lets learn each other something…

Lightrail Gossip:

A guy fills his sister’s shampoo bottle up with Nair. Hilarious. Another guy says he is a cheap ass N word…another guy just comments on all the convos…they all have tattoos,they are all white…they talked about going to 5 and below bc it’s cheap and have good gadgets. They help the 1st guy out learn about a new phone service bc the government phone he has doesn’t have enough data for when he doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Others,like me look and listen or discretely listen. As each one got off they “dapped” each other up which in some cultures is showing respect and love…Then you have someone,old brown skin guy who is lost and upset he got on the wrong train. Women,men,employed,unemployed,school aged kids,drug addicts,babies all on the same vehicle together. There is no music,no movie, just a melting pot of different people with nothing more than thier own stories to tell. With ease for most, “friends” and bonds are crated if for no more than that moment. It amazes me how peace and respect is obtained and shared here but not when it really matters.

Now, you had a chance to read what I wrote one day just riding the lightrail. I was guided to write those moments down for somesubstance filled reason. My thinking is,since we women are the life giving,nurturing,peace and love bearing,strong, individuals instead of giving birth to ignorance,despisement, stereotypical physical expectations, negativity,constructing racial barriers how about we encourage,uplift,spread wisdom,be the active examples of Goddesses and Queens so that other people will want to shine and thus crave PURPLE and all that it means!!!

Just some quick thinking and attempts to move toward a purple take over!

Until next time…

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. nosyjosie says:

    “It amazes me how peace and respect is obtained and shared here but not when it really matters.” – so insightful


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