Hello my beautiful people! I am happy to meet you here again so soon!  This “poem” below was birthed on a night my mental needed some cleansing. Please excuse the language in advance but I set the tone of this message right away to grasp your full attention(which doesn’t cost anything) and open your minds to being intrigued to view different perspectives.

You cry like pussies about history        And your ancestors being slaves
Yet you enslave yourself mentally
Reciting the oppression and 40acres and a mule speech using it as a crutch to allow yourself to believe you shouldn’t have to work for wealth because you’re brainwashed to think society better yet the white people owe you a penny or more. Encarcerated by your own irrational,unjust actions you frown your nose up at the system established to protect good from bad. If you are tired of being beaten on,killed,discriminated start with the person making the complaint. You have worn your own race out so what difference does it make if the man next door with a different tone of skin does it too? I know I will make some enemies with this but I do not care. Kill the noise about what you think you are owed cuz you ain’t work for,take beatens for,be despised for a mother fucking penny. Your ancestors did and all they wanted was to be treated fair and equal and so who are you to spit on their graves with the hatred and chaos that parts from your lips or is fired from your weapon of choice? It only starts today;the lines vanish when we value humanity not race,the oppression is irrelevant when we include our wrong doings too,equality and justice prevails only after we present surrenderance,love,open mindedness,”truce” as the solution.

Share your mental. . .

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