Heart of Living…

Hey my beautiful people, I have been distant and kind of in my own personal storm. I needed time to process what I was going through versus what I was putting myself through. I had to evaluate myself again and make sure I recalibrated me if needed. I have learned that nothing is constant through some peoples perspective and with that comes change which may lead to chaos or discomfort. However, I beg to differ and say that the constant is in the fact of knowing that nothing will last forever and things change. In writing this and going through it, I wonder if people and or things change or do they simply adjust to an alteration. If I cut my hair does that change my name? If I stop writing poetry and start singing do i change from being an artist to something else? These are thoughts and conversations that lead to this journal entry that I am turning into a blog so I’m dropping it right here for y’all.

…Not validation but evaluation of whether or not you have the heart it takes to stay committed to the heart of living life and to THE fullest one day, one moment at a time!!!

Conflicts,storms, even hell (Egypt) is necessary at some point in your life or at every point when you are suppose to grow,become wiser,or receive something you have been asking for. It elevates you to a higher level of understanding, it fine-tunes your intuition, checks your emotions and recalibrates your strength 💪!

Pearl, what do you know about conflict or hell because most of your posts have been positive? Well Goddesses it’s because of the “hell and conflicts” (that I still experience from time to time) that I can now shine a positive light on even the darkest metaphorical places.

For instance, this past 2-3 weeks[now4-5 weeks past] I have been in conflict with my companion and my reaction to him,my interactions with him had changed in a conflicting way. It changed so much that he realized it,I did not and he spoke up about it. By him doing so, I was able to snap out of my funk with him,recognize and assess why and how to move forward. The great part about conflict being necessary is that from this conflict we had open,honest, and a tad bit emotion-filled pillow talk!

Ask your friends what they think of you,your family,your significant other etc.what exactly they think of you,what character reminds them of you and why,what element and why,what are your strengths and weaknesses. This is NOT an attempt to use them to judge you for you or for them to validate you. No, this is simply for you to know how your personality affects the people around you,how radiant your purple actually is and you use the things they tell you to assess the success according to your goals,and expectations of yourself!

Then my dears will you be able to determine if you willl let what they say change you,alter you,cause you to adjust OR will you continue to be who you are and let them adjust and love you. At this point you will then be capable of measuring your ❤ and if you are able to pursue it and committ to it and live !!!

In case you did not catch that, learn your impact, good and bad, you have on other’s but always stay true to who you are!

One Love,




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  1. “[Conflicts,storms, even hell ] It elevates you to a higher level of understanding, it fine-tunes your intuition, checks your emotions and recalibrates your strength 💪!” *At this point you will then be capable of measuring your ❤. . .” <-Yasss!

    Thanks for sharing this Lovey! and keeping our crowns polished :-*

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