So ladies and gentleman, it’s slowly becoming official!

A couple months ago I posted about betting on myself and although I’ve been pretty much under the radar with everything since, it’s almost here! The website is almost finished and my logo is done!

Today, my first video under my new brand was published…to the WORLD! If you have been following my post for a while, you know how nervous I am about letting others see my talents, but today I put my big girl panties on.

This process has been a up and down journey. I had a lot of days where I told myself, “well maybe working for someone else won’t be so bad” but I couldn’t give up. I had to keep pushing myself and thinking about my future life. I realized the only thing that is standing in my way was my scared self, so I pushed her out the way! *cues Ludacris Move* lol

First video since rebranding – The proposal

If you are in the DMV and would like to contact me for future events, until my website is complete and social media pages are back up, you can reach me here or at J.hillmedia16@gmail.com. Let’s make your dreams a reality!

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  1. pearl1111 says:

    got darnit I’m over here in tears…the artistry and the mannerisms and the love I felt watching a young King ask for a Goddess to be HIS Queen!!

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    1. Monic says:

      lol it’s crazy how many ppl said they cried, def wasn’t expecting that! lol but thanks Ace! It was a beautiful experience seeing this love!

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  2. nosyjosie says:

    Look at you!!! This made me cry too 😀 – I love, LOVE!! You did a wonderful job. Congratulations on the progress you’ve made into launching your own business. You go girl!

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    1. Monic says:

      Thanks! I’m still in shock from the feedback! The motivation is real…thanks again girly!

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    2. pearl1111 says:

      Welllll you know I did not cry really ijs a normal person would have though lol!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nosyjosie says:

        Haha! I definitely cried. Black love always brings tears for me though.


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