Net Working our Gifts and Talents

We all have gifts and talents. We all have different connections,different brilliance levels,even different rapports with different people that takes us a very long way. Because of that,a long with other reasons;simply because we are human for one,I don’t see color I see people with more ๐Ÿ”‹ than they realize. Enough power to take over the world and become our own bosses and share the wealth to ensure that everybody eats,survives,sustains,and flourishes beyond materialistic and monetary aspects.

1.Theoddsboutique; you can either follow on Insta gram or google it

2.Unorthodoxvisionz;he is a musician on the rising and can be found on facebook and our very own wordpress

3.Tony Jernigan, (443) 499-2608, the email address speaks for itself

4. Stacey Jernigan with Jerniful Treats 401~433~1024 for cakes,cupcakes,hearty or healthy meals too

5. Our very own Monic with video productions at

6.Event Planner/Coordinator just reach out to me right here Queens and Kings

Egypt you thought I skipped you but hit my girl Egypt up for just about everything else lol but seriously!

It’s time to start supporting one another and sharing,callaborating our gifts and talents for the better of our society!!!


One Love,


Share your mental. . .

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