Black Girls Rock!

So last month a picture of an unrecognizable Lil’ Kim was floating around the internet. For most, this was a “girl you look ugly”, “why she trying to be white”, and “I hope she doesn’t think she looks cute” moment.

For me I saw something deeper. When I look at this picture I see an extremely hurt woman. A woman that hasn’t been called beautiful enough, a woman that has been hurt by someone she loved, I see pain!  I see the future pain of her daughter, and nothing is funny about this at all.

I’m sure, from what we know about Lil’ Kim, she is the original Queen Bee! The hard core lyricist with just the right amount of sexy that balanced with the guys and girls of the 90s! Every man wanted her and every female loved her and I’m sure there were females that wanted to be like her. But what happened to this Queen, how many times was she called ugly, or my favorite, “you’re pretty for a black girl”? (all sarcasm)

The thing is, Lil’ Kim isn’t alone in this beauty world of confusion. Lil Kim and a host of other women in the media are role models, they may not have signed up to be one but they are.



The standards of beauty have changed and it is no longer a good thing to be “original”

Everyone wants to alter their looks to be like something/someone they aren’t. You must be light skin, have a fat a**, and be slim but thick! Huh? All these rules!! Can’t I just be me!?

My whole point of writing this post is to say your beautiful is beautiful, no matter what people say about you!

I remember in elementary and middle school I was called ugly. I was this skinny,tall, dark skin, long hair, thick side burns, tomboy and little boys, especially, would make fun of me. The first time I heard someone say something it bothered me and I remember going to my parents and crying to them. After the long conversation and them changing my perception of myself, it no longer bothered me. God made me who I am/was and I’m in love with her! If I didn’t have a strong foundation, my family, and my strong confidence, my life today would probably be that of how Lil Kim feels. I could have lost the love for me, because someone else was intimidated by my beauty.

There aren’t enough people in young girl’s lives to tell them, you are beautiful the way you are. Also, sadly there aren’t enough MEN in this would that can set aside their egos to uplift a woman the way a woman does a man.

BE ORIGINAL Queens! I’ve learned everyone is ugly to someone, but as long as you believe you are gorgeous and to die for, no one can tell you otherwise. So embrace that beauty girl! Rock that natural hair! If you wear weave, rock that too! Kill that fantastic beat, and if you don’t wear makeup, you look great wearing your all natural fresh face! Whatever is comfortable to you, do your beautiful either way, as long as you accept YOU!!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. pearl1111 says:

    LOVEEEE THIS..I see forums and workshops flourishing from this post! It is sad how intelligent and talented and Gifted people are in different aspects of life and all they use it for is negativity and despisement. Yes Goddesses, rock your own beauty no matter what! Dare somebody to follow in your 👣👣

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  2. Monic says:

    Thanks Pearl. Yes this could and should def be a forum! I’ve learned some people are intimidated by others gifts and when they can’t saying anything negative about your talent they bring down your looks and character instead of uplifting.


  3. nosyjosie says:

    Thanks Peal! Beautiful words of encouragement. We truly have to learn to love ourselves while allowing room to love and SHOW love to others. ❤


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