Golden Rule…

Maybe…It’s not him it’s you.

Hey beautiful women, I hope you have had a great week. I am writing today on Thirsty Thursday because it’s a common day to get drunk, or fake like you are, and find random rendezvous that you hope turns into something “more”. Don’t sit there and read this and act like you never did that. It’s time to be honest with yourself about why you are having trouble getting and or keeping a man that is into you.

So, women, we all play games as well and we do it  well. Come to think of it, we may play them a little better than men. I heard on 104.3 yesterday morning a lady being confronted about sleeping with her so called boyfriends’ friend. Keep in mind, she is on the radio, she said she would send her free flowers to the friend, NOT her “boy friend” and share the couples massage with the friend not the “boy friend. Then when the “boy friend” said “this is ridiculous, you are caught, I’m done, blah blah” she said “I don’t know what said friend is talking about, he is lying he did not put hickies on my neck and we are not involved, I gave him the gifts because he is stressed and I was trying to be nice. While they tried to call said friend she placed the radio station on hold to call said friend to warn him not to answer. LOL! I was dying laughing my butt off but that is when I came up with my blog for today.

Ladies, we complain about men not treating us with respect, always playing games, not being honest, “cheating” etc. but perhaps we are insecure about him because we are doing the exact same thing we accuse them of doing so we make ourselves paranoid. We portray like we are innocent and honest and have the audacity to think and say we are “wife material” but you have 3 other males we talk to when our “man” is not available. And you tell everyone else what it is but your “man”. 1 is for innocent late night talks so you can say y’all are “just friends”. You talk to him or text him any hours of the day or night and feel no guilt. But honey, let you be around him and he gets a text after 11pm you are ready to turn into inspector gadget to figure out who she is.  2 is for dating when you want to go out but you want a man to pay for it, not you. You can call him up and indirectly tell him you need a drink or want to go out but all your girls are busy knowing that’s key words for him to say lets go out. He knows you have a man but he figures if he keeps taking you out and spending time with you he will eventually get you. 3 is for when you tell you “man” that you think you need some time to figure things out, or you cause an argument forcing him to distance himself for a few days leaving you horny and wanting toy cuddle and all that. 3 comes over and you let him please you sexually, without guilt, because you have already made up in your mind that you will tell him that you thought he broke up with you if you had to answer any questions.

So, I challenge you to be honest with yourself and ask if you are playing games, smothering your own relationship progress and/or success, or are you out there having meaningless rendezvous and pretending to be the right woman for someone? I know it may be hard for some to just deal with one guy and put all your trust in him but you have to be able to do that in order to give yourself a fair chance for honesty, respect and the “right man”.


If he/she got you while he/she was with her/him, he/she will get him/her while he/she with you. Remember that!



One Love,


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  1. kelley says:

    Right on time with this one, sis. Thank you

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    1. pearl1111 says:

      I am glad that it reached you in a way that will help YOU! You are more than welcome Queen and thank you for allowing my words and/or experiences help you!

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  2. Monic says:

    Heeeeyyy Pearl lol OK I’m done being goofy lol I can relate to this in a way that I know i personally stand in the way of my relationships but not in your scenario lol I could never handle all them men lol but for me I’m not ready to be tied down just yet. I have a lot of things I need to work on before I’m like oh lets do the next step thing. ie career goals, travel goals, settling in a new state. I don’t want anything to stand in the way of that until at least settling in a new state is crossed off my list lol

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    1. pearl1111 says:

      Heyyyy Monic…never be done being goofy!! Lol. I know what you meant…but seriously, yes there are different ways to stand in your own way of relationships. But yours is a bit different in that you are aware of not being ready to pursue anyone at the moment. Now as long as you keep that clear to yourself and anyman you may entertain it’s all good. The ones I’m speaking directly to are the ones who cry woe is me or the boy who cried wolf…you cannot get mad at him for not giving you his all when you are out there spreading yourself thin…


      1. Monic says:

        Yes I make it known, but I completely agree, I wish you added that it not only affects that man, just like a woman can be affected by a man hurting her and pushing on to her next relationship the same goes for guys. I’ve talked to several men who feel all women are the same because of what one insecure woman did to them. its shameful smh

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      2. pearl1111 says:

        Yea it is shameful and you my dear just added that important fact with this comment…you know im not one for steroryping and double standards..I most definitely believe men are affected and much deeper than women which is why the games they play are more harsh..


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