Distracted by Absence

Hey Queens, so I am back with some uncertain uneasy thoughts that KEEP distracting me. For those who do not know it, yes I am spoiled and love attention and creatively spent time more than diamonds,(well I don’t like Diamonds at all but you get my point), and being showered with gifts. I am struggling with the absence of attention and time. Yes, I knew and know what the deal was and is but I did not know it would be such a challenge for me. And, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I want out or anything like that, it’s just that I want to be around and involved with him and what he does more to soak up what I know will be amazing, fun, intriguing, “pillow talk” energy and connections.

I RESPECT my man’s hustle 100% trust me, but I wonder am I less of a “REAL WOMAN” because sometimes I want more of him, more time spent with him? It’s what happens whenever I am with him that makes me go into “spoiled” mode when I am not around him.

…the moment you realize you have grown and matured more than you give yourself credit for…

So, in my past my being spoiled takes over and kicks my impulsiveness into high gear. When I did not get what I wanted from whom I wanted it from, I went to option 2 or 3. Today, I do not have those feelings or thoughts, instead I just talk to him to myself and somehow at the right moments he hears me and/or picks up on my vibes and does something that reminds me just why I grew in love with him! At that very moment my calm stability is ignited again! Idk ladies I guess I just wanted to vent and to let you know that when you ask for something different and worth it, be prepared to receive it in a very different way that will prove to be very worth it! Through it all, never never allow your Purple to be dimmed, keep living, stay focused on your Dynasty!


One Love,


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