Manic Monday Meditation

Today, just like any other Monday,for me at least,was indeed Manic. From the moment I woke up(grateful) to my still sick baby girl,to the few hours later when my tooth broke,right on over to the fact that work was chaotic, down to having to leave work to go to the hospital with my baby girl to find it out I let my parrot go a week with strep😢. Man, do I feel terrible. If you haven’t learned I have a short fuse when it comes to stupidity, disorganization,and my baby being sick. So all of that mixed with my monthly unwelcomed visitor I was just a 💢💣waiting to go off. My fierce energy was definitely overshadowing my balanced shade of purple.

While on my way from work to my daughter, my stink texted me and the anticipation of that conversation gave me a little smile. However, I had to delay that so I could focus on driving “safely” with everything clouding my mental. Once I found out what w as wrong with her I could start the healing process for both she and I. Slooooooowwwwwwly but I’m sure surely, my calm stability when take over. Which is why I am going to take a nice hot shower,wash my semi natural hair,and meditate!!! Even if only for 5 minutes, meditation recalibrates your equilibrium,your senses,your mood and your spiritual being. For me, a good 15 minutes is needed for a manic Monday like this. The key is recognizing when you need to step back away from society and pull yourself together. You don’t want to contaminate other people with your negative energy. You want to remember even when you are in fierce mode,there is a shade of purple you are representing!

One love,


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