If you’re going through hell, keep going. . .

At the dawn of 2016 I was ecstatic to begin this year knocking off to-do after to-do, and project after project. Yet, my readiness took quite a few hits before I was even able to get off the starting block. It was as if the gun sounded and all the other runners (so I assumed) got off to great paced starts while I was busy trying to stop my ears from ringing and clearing the gunpowder from my nostrils. 

Ironic it is that your world can feel as though you are collapsing into an abysmal abyss, and still you make every attempt to pull all your unorganized baggage down with you—on top of you. Talk about a crab in a bucket. Often I found myself saying “Urgh, I have to do something different”…”Urgh, I need a new game-plan”…”a new job”…”to win the lottery”… the list goes on.  Yet, I created gameplan after gameplan, reorganized my thoughts a million times at least, and even reconfigured my projects and goals to meet my new so-called “Mrs. Fix It” self.     Well, none of that sh!t worked. Go figure.

In reality, for almost four months I went back and forth with the muses in my head trying to concoct the easy route to Back on Track. I fixed and attempted to fix EVERYTHING! wrong with EVERYTHING … well except for Egypt.       Now truth be told we all know I’m flawless (or so says self to self in the mirror), but when it comes to my procrastination and punctuality Monic and Pearl I’m sure could take it from here. But to save face, I’m a simple Sun and Moon type of woman—anytimes a good time for whatever! I really don’t believe in running my life ragged around clocks, wristwatches, cell phones and iPads. Still, I told myself I’m going to prioritize my time more efficiently going forward. I am not going to bite off more than I can chew. I’m going to just get sh!t done. And boy! oh boy, slow, but steady progress has made all the difference.

My Four Slight Life Adjustments 

  • Added a Do or Die button to my life’s goals: The DO button represents to the manifestation of all of my goals. Each time I knock something off of my DO list, no matter how big or small, I know I’m one step closer to seeing the big picture completed. The DIE button, well pretty self-exclamatory,  every time I slack, hit that snooze button one too many times in the morning I think about all the goals, and visions I’m postponing or destroying.
  • Going with the flow: My emotional commitment to task and projects often have the potential to outweigh my practicality if I’m not careful. To counter this, now I focus less on why I personally want to invest my time, energy, finances, creativity and other resources into a vision, and more so on how devoting my resources will help further my own personal developmental, that of my family and friends, and the world at large.
  • Blank check: I threw out ALL! my old plans…well didn’t trash them, but won’t be utilizing them unless for reference purposes.  This doesn’t mean I gave up the visions and projects (hence blank check), but my goals and my life perspective have changed. Thus, my plans need to fit and reflect my current mental space and time: my HERE & NOW.
  • Storms get worst before they get better. Twenty-sixteen brought many mornings and many nights that my husband and I cuddled together with nothing more to comfort our heavy hearts. We’d sit thinking “It can’t get any worst than this.” WRONG BISH! It could! It did, and it did so a few times over. However, each time the stress lines began to chart their way across Hubby’s face and my woo-is-us anxiety attempted to rear its unpleasant head, one of us would crash the pitty party with a boat load of reassurance. And just when we saw our train derailing with no time to switch tracks, and nowhere to jump ship—we were rescued by nothing more than a result of mustard seed faith— an act of mercy by the hand who wrote it all.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”—Winston Churchill


♥ Love You All & Miss You Much ♥


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  1. pearl1111 says:

    Well got darnit…I needed this read omw to work on the second source of transportation(lightrail). Man I tell you, I cannot stand being controlled “time”. That really is what has been mentally draining me lately well that amoung other things. It puts restrictions on you your creativity and caps your capablilities…also love the vocabulary in this post!!


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