Mercury Retrograde😯

😯😍😞😂😢😴😡 this is what I have felt like for the past 2 weeks. Then while I was explaining to my sister how I have been feeling she reminded,really reintroduced, the whole Retrograde phase. Please, take time to self educate so that you can get your own understanding of it. I just felt I owed it to you beautiful people the reason I have been distant and mentally and emotionally unstable.

Where it seems almost impossible to avoid this phase and the uncomfortable imbalance it forces you in, you have to find the strength to fight it and be different. The more you are educated about the retrograde the easier it will be to fight against it. I know you are wondering why I am telling you this and well the truth is because it will mess with your newly found shade of purple and curve your craving for it. At least it got me like that.

I am mentally unstable,an emotional wreck shucks I thought I was going through postpartum. It’s a scary thing because I was questioning everyones intentions, if they were telling me the truth, not wanting to get out the bed not even to use the bathroom, wanting to quit my job after winning the lottery for a few million even though 500k would feel like a few million to someone like me,I even have had mental crying spells. I’m realizing that this blog is not just about the relationships that comes and goes but about just being a woman everyday in this world. So, be aware, be abreast the different things that go on in the astrological world, in the spiritual world,with the solar system because whether you know it or not it all plays a part in how we are,how we handle things,our emotions,our mental,our ability to perceive,comprehend,adjust,and use our 3rd eye!!

Ladies, my fellow Goddesses, at this time of retrograde for me it’s important that you have space and time alone. Adding other personalities and things to the pot is more difficult lol. This is a time where you meditate,balance your Shakra system and use Affirmations to get through and not lose the shade of your Purple!!


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  1. The color of transmutation! 🙂

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    1. pearl1111 says:

      Heyy! If you may,please elaborate your very intriguing response!!


      1. Purple/violet – often transmute/change vibrations of energy.

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      2. pearl1111 says:

        Yes, I know and thank you for letting our readers know…


  2. Monic says:

    I think we all get to this point sometimes. I know for me, when I feel myself getting into this mood and as hard I try I can’t pull myself out of it and have to just ride the feeling out. I”m happy you have an outlet to release all the stress and worries and bad feelings. I pray for your happiness and getting back to your old self but in a better way. Stay Purple Queen!


  3. pearl1111 says:

    Yea Goddess, this is a time where I have to ride it out too. I mean yes this blog is my outlet but while I was typing,after I posted I was all in this funk,I laid in bed all day one day didn’t want to go to work or anything. I must say this is not a fun feeling because it feels like I’m “loosing it” but it’s nothing going on…I mean I have my everyday worries but it’s on a whole nother level a pen drop bothers me,asking one a question grinds my gears lol..djm. If it is because of this retrograde I need it to hurry up and be OVER. Thank you Monic,purple is in my veins!


  4. Monic says:

    I’m just seeing your response smh, but maybe it is deeper and maybe you are putting too much stress on yourself. Maybe it is time for “Eat pray Love” take time to yourself. Get away experience something new. Push yourself and continue to tell yourself your better than this and will be better. Don’t worry once you’re on the other side of this all your down moments will make sense. I was always told it gets the hardest when you’re standing next to your breakthrough!

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