The Law of Attraction

When someone asks who the hell I “think” I am….Yesterday I put into the Universe the fact that I wanted to stay relevant and speak on things that my fellow Queens needed help with. Today, while on my way to work I heard the radio discuss interracial dating, at work I engaged in a conversation with a coworker who has rebuilt herself and man could I feel her fierce stability radiating from her, and so both interactions got my wheels spinning…and that is who I know I am;a Queen who asks the Universe for guidance and receives it😉!

Ok ladies, so I am on my way to work and all because of Old Navy’s commercial,the topic of discussion was if your son came home and said he wanted to date outside of his race would you be Ok with it? Listen listen listen, are we really still at this point? What the fuck(Queens cuss when necessary) does it matter what color of skin anyone is if you are spiritually connected,genuinely caring,honest,respectful,provide stability,and/or bring positivity to someone’s life?! Ladies, please do NOT limit yourself to the possibility of experiencing a different culture or way of being loved and appreciated because of color. Queens should see your ❤ and your mind,your character and your strength. Don’t fear anything as Egypt told us. If you are one of those people; closed minded and against dating outside your race really ask yourself why and if all you come up with is because it just doesn’t feel right, slap yourself. And then just try it with an open mind. Queenin is being above the stereotypes, above the normal,living outside the expected,living in a hexagon instead of a box. Queenin is making your own traditions,creating your own rules,living in the moment!!! If you are looking for a man, stop drawing lines and creating barriers especially with this color/race BS. We are all one, we are all human;man and woman end of story.

How you are treated has no respect of race. My fellow Queen is a white middle aged woman who has been through emotional abuse, financial dumps, which yielded self destruction. She stayed so long because she feared “starting over” with someone else, being the first to give up,and then convincing herself that everything was happygolucky. While talking to her I realized she was just realizing that “yea, I did see the signs and the way out I just actually was scared to admit this road was ending.” And that’s what I want to focus on. In any relationship it’s your job to make that person happy while keeping you happy,it’s your job to know when something is wrong and be there for him but it is never your responsibility to carry his baggage,be his punching bag,or his door mat,it is never ever your responsibility to fix his ego for him. If and when you realize that the energy is off and the negativity is progressing it is perfectly 👌 to move right along. You are not giving up, your are not losing anything and you most certainly are not starting over.

Whenever you leave one situation you should leave wiser than you came. Ladies, Goddesses, please understand you have the power to put out into the Universe what you want from it and to then receive it! First you must believe it!


One love,



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tikeetha T says:

    LOL. Slap yourself? I’m dying. You are so right though.

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    1. pearl1111 says:

      Lol, I am serious though. I have always felt this way and never had a platform to speak and since we women are the ones bringing new generations into this world I figured why not start with talking to us!!

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      1. Tikeetha T says:

        Yes, so true. If we don’t tell them who will?


  2. nosyjosie says:

    You better preach Queen!

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    1. pearl1111 says:

      Thank you Goddess! I just have random yet relevant moments sometimes and I need to get it out..hope it was helpful!

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