Pillow Talk

Hey my Queens! It’s been a while since we chopped it up and “spilled some tea” lol I don’t even know what that means because tea is hot and/or sticky…

Ok moment over. So, I like pillow talk;the song and literally pillow talk!!! I recommend that in every relationship you have pillow talk.You would be amazed at what you find out,what you reveal and what’s revealed, and how comfortable it is to talk about the most uncomfortable topic.

For me, my pillow talk does not just happen at night before we go to bed. My pillow talk most of the time happens after or during the time I sit on my throne😜!  It’s different for different people. My partner and I love that we can talk and geek while sharing that intimate connection. For him, he never had that and he loves that freedom. He was introduced to a new aspect of life that he did not know was ok to exist. I was happy that he accepted that part of me. It was during pillow talk that my King told me that he was mine,”officially”, by playing I’m Yours by Alessia Cara😍!!! That made sitting on my throne feel that much better!!! It was then too that I realized his wish to be able to communicate like me had already been a part of him; he knows the perfect song to express exactly how he feels and it makes my panties moist too!! Pillow talk even revealed that I was about to leave my King because I was in unfamiliar territory;the unknown of everything about him and I.

My point is,that pillow talk is a great way to communicate and should be positive even if discussing negative or uneasy topics,it should be a time where you are the most respectful,non judgemental,honest and open minded. Your convos should make your partner’s gears kick into sex drive lol, but definitely your convos should bring y’all closer!! Claim and remind one another why you are sitting on that throne every day!!!

Every Queen needs her Throne, or needs her partner to love her,please her,and hold her close!! Ladies, please do not forget that Queens attract and build with their Kings so reciprocate what he does for you. Pillow talk your way to your Throne.!!.



One love,


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