Spring cleaning!!

Despite what the calendar says, the weather has finally broke and Spring has sprung!

This is the time that people start cleaning out all that winter junk and prepare for the sunny season.  I guess you can call it a tradition in my household. My mother would bring out the big trash bags  and large,  mothball smelling, trunks and pack old man winter away!

As I grew into my own adult routines, I realized my participation in spring cleaning became nonexistent. I’m no hoarder or anything but it just became easy to just keep all my clothes in my closet and clutter it with all seasons; it just made life a little simpler or lazier. But I have to think, did this bad habit trickle over into my personal life as well? Maybe I have a problem with letting go of things and packing or throwing out things of the past. Hmmmm

It’s hard letting go of things you are used to. Especially if it is something that has been around forever and pretty loyal to your life.

My high school best friend, who likes to say I was her bully in elementary school lol, was someone that was extremely hard to let go of. Even though everyone was telling me I need to end this friendship, I wasn’t hearing it. To me, she was loyal and I knew she had my back and whenever I was with her there would be fun. After I graduated college, I began to see the difference; when her life was still party until 2 am, drink every time we go out and no real responsibilities, I knew it was time to separate. But, how could I let go of my high school best friend who’s always been there for me? It wasn’t easy, but had to be done.

Lately, I’ve been seeing these same hints in my life again. They may not be the party traits but the let go traits are there. These people in my life may have been in my life for a long time, but they may not be good for the direction of my life.

Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negative things! When I say this, I don’t mean just that gossip friend, I also mean that non supportive friend, complacent friend, that judgmental friend, one sided friend, and bad energy friend. Trust me the list can go on!

I don’t think anyone should feel bad about moving on or letting go of someone in your life when it has to do with the growth of yourself. Letting go doesn’t have to be anything dramatic or mean either, just an understanding that seasons come and go. Sometimes the purge is needed. So, go through your cell phone and delete those numbers that haven’t been used in years.

Are you sure you want to delete this contact?  YES!

“You aren’t growing if you aren’t losing friends.” – Unknown

Until next time cravers!


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  1. pearl1111 says:

    Well well well!! Enough said! Is it not great how, when you get on a path of positive energy, become one with the Universe and/or YOUR God with determintaion and focus on you first,you see things in a different light, you approach things in a better way fit for you? It is so great how we can travel this Journey and learn so much about ourselves! But it’s powerful when the Universe will allow you to use what it is and has given you to reflect it in your life for lessons and blessings!!

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  2. nosyjosie says:

    I’m such a hoarder of things that I feel I may need down the road – even if I haven’t used them for years lol. I finally did my Spring cleaning and it FELT SO GOOOOOOD! Strangely enough, Spring cleaning gives you the courage you need to do a similar cleanse in your personal life. Love this post and have fun with throwing out the old to make room for the new 🙂


    1. Monic says:

      Yes it is so refreshing to be able to start over and clear your mind of unnecessary clutter! I finally let go of some things and people that I should have let go a long time ago! Thanks love!

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  3. kelley says:

    Yes! I have been questioning a friendship that I have been feeling is one-sided. I keep thinking: what has she done for me lately? Could I depend on her in a time of need? I come up short with the answers to these questions..Although we always have fun together, I have grown to need much more than just a fun friend. Maybe I need to do some spring cleaning myself.

    This post was right on time! Thank you


    1. Monic says:

      I’m glad I could help! How you’re feeling is exactly how I felt about letting go of my best friend. Although I knew we would always have fun but if something were to happen to me while together I knew I couldn’t trust her with my life. From this friendship I learned maturity comes at different times and its ok and it is also ok to realize that its time to let go

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      1. kelley says:

        Exactly! Letting go is the hardest, most necessary act.

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  4. Tikeetha T says:

    So true. I read this in my devotional today about asking God to remove the thorns in your life so your harvest can be bountiful.


    1. Monic says:

      Oh, I like that! I always feel, if something continually pops up, God is trying to tell me something, and He always test us before he puts His hands on a situation. So maybe the fact that you read it in communication with God then came across this post, maybe it’s time for you to do some spring cleaning! Happy purging!!

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      1. Tikeetha T says:

        LOL. Yep, he’s actually been purging people from my life. I didn’t know why but I’m just following the spirit. He knows what’s best.

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