Stop hiding in your cacoon

A Rainy Day

By Kiera R Douglas

As the rain falls from the sky
My lips were caught by his gentle kisses
As the sky makes its thundering sounds
We laid there in sweet silence
He held me close as if I were a newborn
Where it was unpleasantly dreary outside
It was content paradise, us together
Where people were praying for mercy
I was thanking GOD for the safe arms I was in
This moment my heart will always remember
Its raining outside and we are chillin
He kisses my cheek and we close our eyes
We envision the sun shining upon us
Walking hand-n-hand on the black sand
Nothing but the purest love surrounding us
Until death do us part we both demand
No rain drops can drown our love
Nor can the roughest winds blow us apart
Our spirits block the lightening above
No loud thundering can put fear in my ❤

 Allow this poem to wrap itself around your mind and look at it from a figurative, metaphorical,and literal sense. As you travel the journey of uncovering or discovering your shade of purple you will have distractions,moments of imbalance, negative doubting times but you will find comfot and contentment and happiness and you will see everything align and become balanced! Stay humbled, stay focused. It’s alright to cry to cleanse yourself of all negative energy it’s even ok  to embrace some turmoil to recognize and respect your own strength and power with your crave for purple!! Know that your ups and down are all necessary for the revamping of YOU!

One love,


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  1. nosyjosie says:

    I have been going through such a rough time this past week – being so down on myself. I opened up to someone who had been seeing my “positive turnaround” over the past few months and afterwards I felt horrible. Like I showed him that I wasn’t progressing, afterall. I felt like a phony. But your poem is the truth. I’m going through a journey myself and there will be bad days. I won’t allow anyone to make me fell that I’m less of a person because of that. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. pearl1111 says:

      Hey, just checking on you and sending some luv your way! Hope this week you spread your wings and lived life to your fullest!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nosyjosie says:

        Aw yes hunny, thank you for checking on me! My birthday was yesterday and you KNOW I had to spoil myself lol. I’ll be in LA tomorrow so living my life to the fullest is what I plan to do 😉

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    2. pearl1111 says:

      Ohhh. Happy Belated Birthday Goddess! Safe travels and have fun!!


  2. pearl1111 says:

    Good morning Goddess! Thank you for sharing and as any comment I am humbled that this reached someone and helped someone! Do me a favor and ask what transpired this past week that triggered this negative space. Then ask yourself if you want to remain in this space or shine through it. Your mental on ANY situation only you have control over and once you decide what frame of mind you choose then that’s how the rest of each day will go. Look up a book FISH!! When you read it or even the summary of it check back in please!! In the mean time, smile and shine!


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