Random Relevant Reflections

Nothing happens by chance…….

Let me tell yall something..I remember before I went to college I got me a boyfriend and we were each other’s everything!! We went to my senior prom together and you could not tell us we weren’t going to get married and have us a happy family…it goes without saying that it did not last and I treated him and the relationship as if they meant nothing to me. My reaction was not something I am proud of BUT, I believe that had I reacted differently my path and reflection would be different.
…..These moments, these stale minutes are to be expected and inevitable and understood and beneficial…the key is to not get lost in what we believe initially to be a negative and focus on what’s to be gained…
“Negative” moments are necessary to sharpen your mental abilities to see,realize,be worthy of and accept your positive ones especially ones that yield things you have asked for.
Oh and I remember one day I had a boyfriend in highschool, he went to Mervo and I went to Western. We always met up on the same bus after school and one particular day never to be forgotten, he said he had to talk to me after we got off the bus. Well, this day, this moment shaped my need and created my desire for honest communication. He knew I was not ready to have sex and so he asked again to make sure…I’m sure my face said no but before I did he said I’m asking you this because somebody told me the other day they wanted to have sex with me and I dont want to cheat on you. Then I said no I’m not ready and we both understood that we were no longer together. Many of you are frowning your face up at him, and saying the typical cliche(if he likes YOU he will wait for you)…truth is I respected him and remained friends with him up until 3 years ago for that. So when I tell you give me honesty, give it to me!!!

Ohhhh snap, so I had to learn the hard way that trying to “get back” at males you have dealt with only self degrates and demoralizes you. Snuggle tighter than ever in your patch-work blanket of values,morals,self respect! Rebound dudes and situations only make your “body count” go up and your value go down and your shade of purple to become dual. Trust me,you are left with a painting and NO eraser…

Wait, I have an even better one…when you meet a guy you think to be so perfect for you and you start visioning your wedding, your fancy house shindigs,and being a power couple whom everyone envied…and you think you let him get away because you were not ready😕…THEN💡 and you realize that those things you were imagining were not you and in fact were things you conformed to because you thought those were the things he would like to do…oh but who you are is left unseen. Who you are and what you like is left a mystery and becomes foggy to thine own self. This is why it is important to see you,accept you,love you before you can open up and accept another whole life,spirit,soul. Then you stumble across a man just as the Sun reflects its rays on the aqua blue waters where your spirit dwells that gave you a spot light to shine and realize you are a cookout, game night,spoiled but giving,vibrant,strong,big kid at ❤,Queen!!! Yea this man makes you realize even more that being who you are is the most attractive attribute!
No,no wait so when you text or call one of the guys you use to date just to say hello and “clear the air” and let him know that y’all may still be cordial and friends and he says he still likes you so call him when you don’t have a lil boyfriend😕; you realize that 1 you leaving was an excellent choice, 2 that his mentality and spirit would never be on the same level/page as yours and 3 that ALL feelings and emotions are gone! What a great feeling!

I’m sure you are reading this with confusion so allow me to reel you in. I have reflected upon my journey on a few moments that caused me to grow, learn, accept and even change for the better. The best part is that my change and spirituality came on my own! I wanted this for myself, I focused on me and so my King was a plus, he is my blessing! Water and Fire!
Without darkness there is no need for light!!!

One love,

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  1. “….Then I said no I’m not ready and we both understood that we were no longer together. ” This part had me in tears, both awful and humorous. This is like the sweetest/most ratchetness thing ever…smh ’cause High School was like…

    Well reflected Pearl! Frank and I were just having an in depth convo about the broken, but well lit roads we travel to get here today, and this resonates so much with me. I love, love this post ❤

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    1. pearl1111 says:

      Aww no awful tears plz…this day I never felt anything but respected and good. Like I said we never stopped being friends and funny thing is my senior year he took my virginity…and yes reflection is key but only if you are capable of reflecting with a positive outlook and your 3rd eye can help you see what was to be gained…thank you Egypt!!

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      1. Lolz! in reality I meant “aweful” eh …oh well. Regardless, I’m glad for the typo because all that you said is inspiring…it says a lot in terms of character on both your and his part. You didn’t lose your dignity at neither point, because you waited until you were ready to do things your way…Queenin’!

        —♥ “…if you are capable of reflecting with a positive outlook and your 3rd eye …” ♥

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