Don’t lose your craving for your purple!!!

    Heyyyy my beautiful 👑’s!!! I’ve missed you! Show me love?!in my Martin voice lol! This past week I have been so busy and caught up in daily life tasks and being a mom. I tell you, life sure is a journey on a roller coaster or a zip line lol. It is important that in this process, on this journey of discovering or uncovering YOUR shade of purple you must remain focused and true to who you are and determined….if not you will easily become distracted and miss a beat😓. And do not become cocky and conceited once things start going well for you, after all this is YOUR dynasty you’re building.

    Focus on what you have! Your time is your time and you have to focus on the important things not nonsense so that you do not ☁ your mental space with clutter and negative matter. Allowing yourself to be in a place of envy and jealousy ONLY yields insecurity, fake happiness for others and is very unattractive on you and to any male. You have to find a place within yourself to just be genuinely happy; with yourself, your life, your progress AND failures, with your fam~ily and friends and even strangers! Engulf positivity, love, but still keep that sassy fierceness on deck😜!

   It is easy to look at your friends and become envious of what they have that you don’t. Ironically, you will find that they are doing the same thing. While you envy the fact that they don’t live at home any more,they have their own car, and paying their bills on time and still can afford to buy things they want and go on vacations, they are envious of your beauty, your smile,your humor, your strength,your ability to command a crowd,your creativity,your knack for motivational inspiration. OR VICE VERSA!

The 🔑 here is to acknowledge one another’s success, share success stories and the obstacles that came along with it and push one another to keep going to not give up and to use your strength to enhance someone else’s weakness!!! After all, what truely would you have gained from what you experienced and learned if you only keep it to yourself.

So bloggers, find genuine happiness, support and uplift one other, and remember your time is your time….don’t rush it!


One love,



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