Standing in your own way…


This quote was written on a post-it,on a picture of a beautiful woman in a purple dress at my Man’s house!!! When I saw it he said as he pointed to me,”it worked!” 😁😍

The same is true for you my beautiful Goddesses;treat yourself as a Queen and you will attract a(your) King!

The sooner you let go of the baggage,when you declutter your life and “untangle your spirit”-Tikeetha T from all your pointless encounters,the sooner you can sit on your throne,build your Dynasty and await your Kings arrival. The key is though, build and maintain your dynasty because no man, no King will unpack in a messy, foundationless Dynasty.

As I look back at my posts and these past months since last July I am humbled,grateful,excited,anxious,a little nervous about the unknown and happy!

You see it takes a lot of will,determination, honest self reflection,open mindedness,and optimism to be able to consistently and successfully journey this path. When I began, as I told you in my first post, it was to better me inside out since outside in wasn’t working. It was to make me better for my daughter! Regaining my confidence was refreshing! The concern of not being in a relationship, of not having sex, was lifted and I felt lighter! That mental space was now open for my daughter and for the reception of knowledge and experience and for lessons and for whatever else I needed it for,for me! This process, this life style is a never ending journey so now I take what I have gained since then and compound it with what I know. I share what I have learned with anyone,what you do with the knowledge is your business.

So, excuse the rambling but now lets get back to attracting your King.

Appearance: Obviously, always look presentable but be you,be comfortable. A lot of men do not like the Make-up,fake nails,lashes,etc. They don’t like a woman who curses like a sailor or act like his homeboy. Do not tailor your look for him because remember you don’t know who “him” is. Whomever he is, will see you for you regardless. Once he comes along change nothing! Allow him to see you and give him the opportunity to accept you as you are. If he does not like something and decides to walk let him. No love lost. His perception of you is an awareness of him and your reaction to him is an awareness of you.

Intellect:You don’t have to be book smart, you don’t have to know it all but at least be capable of holding an interesting fluent conversation. Be willing to understand his interests, and even to explore some to better understand him. No,you don’t know who he is yet or you may, but it all still applies. Don’t be one sided with conversations,with concerns and with affection. In retrospect don’t give him the same thing you been giving everybody else because you’ll get the same results. Switch up how you react, what you talk about,how you show you care. Once you change your dialogue with yourself naturally you will yearn for and gravitate towards,spiritually and unknowingly, men with a different intellectual level. Don’t be afraid if he seems or just is more aware of facts,history,random pieces of a bigger puzzle….bounce off of him, eat what he feeds you—–😒be wise.

Patience:There is no set time for when “he” comes along. That’s why you focus on you first and your Dynasty because it will keep you occupied until…Take things one day at a time even when he does come. Do not hinder your growth with rules and expectations, right Egypt?! Allow yourself to be you and him to be him. Do not concern yourself with the what if’s; if he is talking to someone else,if he is F***ing someone else,if he is giving you his undivided attention or if he is genuine and honest. What he is doing outside of time spent with you is not your issue,its his. Watch one day turn into two weeks turn into seven  months when you take things slow and live in the moment! All you have is that present moment so enjoy it! Oh but patience applies to you as well. You are not going to get over your past overnight, you are not going to demolish your insecurities with a few blinks and your 👑 won’t polish and sit divinely on it’s own.

Well Miss got it all figured out, what did you do?

Well my Goddesses, what I am DOING is still keeping up MY appearance for me which in turn pleases my King. I am always developing my intellect with and without my King. Let me tell you, we both stimulate each other’s minds to levels of intrigued. I am definitely still being patient with myself and my personal growth, with him and his growth and with us!

….in the meantime Meditate, find which one works for you my favorite is one where you incorporate the Chakras;


Youtube works just fine. Dig for knowledge things you were not taught in schools,things you need journals and encyclopedias and artifacts for but never stop learning. Get in sync with your inner artist because it’s in everyone.


One love,


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  1. kelley says:

    Great post.

    We definitely need to be patient with ourselves and love ourselves enough to know not every man can love us the way we need, so it is not always us that needs to change! We need to understand that if he walks away, he was not the one and learn to be ok with that instead of asking what we could have done differently to make him stay.

    And we also need to trust the timing of love and relationships. You made some spot on points!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. pearl1111 says:

      Thank you Goddess! I am glad this reached your understanding. Yes, it definitely starts with self love!!! All else falls into place! Where if you don’t mind me asking are you in this journey? In the “relationship” world?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. kelley says:

        Completely engulfed in singledom.

        I used to think something was wrong because I wasn’t attracting as many men as I used to. But then I’m like nah, nothing is wrong with me! I am just attracting quality men instead of all types, oftentimes the types that were no good for me long-term. I’m also attracting a better circle of sisters. I know that by changing my thinking, my projections have changed and the energies that are attracted to me have changed. And I like it.

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  2. Tikeetha T says:

    Love this post. I think we don’t recognize that we are standing in our own way. When we begin to examine our lives and our up bringing we begin to see signs that we were taught subconsciously that we don’t need a man if you were raised by a single mother. Because your mother worked, provided and did the dang thing. You then grow up knowing you can do it too, but how does that man fit into your life if you can do it all on your own?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. pearl1111 says:

      Thank you Goddess for your time and thoughts! It is ok to be established,confident and self sufficient but then who will you share intimacy with,who will you wake up to and get to hold you at night…who will take you to your climax,who wilk you share a spiritual connection with? So, he fits in all those places! We cannot be so egotistical that we push him away and miss the one for you…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tikeetha T says:

        Yes, girl! Whew! That there is the truth and we women have to get out of our way sometimes.

        Liked by 1 person

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