Heyyyy, im back from an amazing and fun birthday weekend! This week I would like you to invite other people to our blog, and become interactive. As I said before, and what Monic promoted in her 31day challenge and what Egypt said as far as how do you call ones self a Queen if no royal action is ever made, YOU have to began with being honest with yourself by recognizing your fault in your downfalls not just with men but in life,accept your part in the failures and the mistreatment, forgive yourself and the other person for their wrong doings.

So, today and this week, tell us what you are struggling with, be brave and air out your dirty laundry and ask WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Keep in mind I’m a Queen and I’m sensitive about my 👑 so let’s work together to rock these crowns with honor and worthiness!!!

Since this blog’s main purpose is to uplift women and to let you know that you are not alone I will share with you my moment that woke me up!

I started messing around with a 35 year old boy whom already had 2 kids and 2 different children’s mother’s.  🚩 right? But I convinced myself that his age and his act he put on would make it worth my while. I thought he would be different,more mature,more established,less of a head ache and less of heart murmur. He accepted my flaws so I ate that mess up and thought he was in love😍 with ya girl Pearl. He got his “exgirl” pregnant while we were dating,claimed he didn’t want to have a child by her,it happened while him and I were on a “break” and he did not want that to stop “us”. Guess what, I stayed and although I made it hard for him to get back into my good graces and litterally made him kiss my a**, I convinced myself that he was serious THIS time. However,me being me a few ignored calls after a few more ignored texts after a few visits of seeing evidence of rendezvous I had a little rendezvous of my own which led to my beautiful baby girl! Now I know you are asking the same thing he,her father and my father asked;am I sure who the father is? Yes I am 100% sure! But, then he stayed with me so I soaked that up too. I mean we would let the kids play together and all so I thought he was finally coming around.

Side note:if at this moment in dealing with him I was already on my spiritual journey and in sync with the vibes of the Universe I would have left him the day he said he lived with his daughters mother.

Fast forward my baby was turning one and he was suppose to come to her party but he did not because he was doing something with another female. Oh now wait a minute don’t tell me you never played the fool at least once. But, please believe me when I tell you that I don’t play when it comes to my baby so THAT was THEE last straw and out of my life I politely placed him! Now yes I could have avoided this but the truth is I was addicted to the sex,more so the head game and did not want to be alone. This situationship was prime result of not wanting to be alone but not wanting to fully commit to a real relationship.

Oh but how grateful I am that he stood my baby up because that was the soul strength of my motivation. Since that day I decided to wake the F up, regain my 👑,and live for me and my baby!! This moment is when I started getting in touch with my inner self,writing Poetry again,and reconnecting in a better way with my friends and fam~ily!

So, now that I have shed a layer of dirt sit down and shed yours and lets help each other figure out what’s best for moving forward in this journey of craving Purple!!!


One Love,


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  1. Tikeetha T says:

    I dated a man almost two years ago. I thought he was this great guy who I could get to know and then we would magically be in a relationship. Nope, didn’t happen. We became lovers and I found myself in a situationship that left me looking desperate and stupid because I was d—matized too. The thing was…he’s not a bad guy. Just not the guy for me. When I realized that I was able to untangle my spirit from his. It came with me realizing that I was not letting God love and choose the men that I should have in my life. When I let go of what I wanted to do and asked God to help me it was easier to let go. I told him that “he’s not the man that God has for me and it’s okay.” It truly was.

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    1. pearl1111 says:

      Thank you for sharing. I love” untangle my spirit from his”! I appreciate your honesty shown in your word choice! It’s crazy going through it cuz u knw it isn’t for you but when you finally come out of it😁💫💃

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      1. Tikeetha T says:

        Yes. I had too. He had me whipped girl, but I knew better and I’m in a much better head space. Things happen for a reason.


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