The S on my chest stands for SPOILED

Spoiled? Daddy’s girl? you name it, I’ve been called it.

In my family I was always labeled the spoiled kid. I’m the baby of two sisters and I’m basically my dad’s Jr. Although I didn’t grow up with my dad in the house, he was very active in my life, growing up. So yes, I loved being around my dad when I got the chance to see him, and to this day that hasn’t changed. I’m a proud daddy’s girl!

I guess you can say I used my spoiled powers once or twice in my life. Ok, Ok, I’m lying, if there was a spoiled button to push it would be broken by now lol

Let’s not get it twisted, although my parents may have spoiled me just a little, my mother made sure I wasn’t rotten.

Anyway, family, on both sides, began to call me the spoiled kid. Growing up it didn’t matter to me, “hey my parents are supposed to take care of me, right?”

Since entering the adult world, I’ve done everything I can to avoid this title. I know, weird right, most girls love being spoiled, but not I! As much as I did to avoid this title, I still get called “spoiled” or like my aunt likes to say, “big baby.” So, I stopped asking my parents for things, and if something was going on with me personally I kept it to myself. I didn’t want or need anyone thinking of me as a dependent. I don’t need anyone speaking up for me or spending money on me. “Nah, I’m good.” Like I mentioned early on in ‘…But I don’t know how to adult!’ this wasn’t smart. I missed out a lot on using my resources.

This title that was placed on my life really started to bother me when some of my friends started to pick up on the fact that just maybe I’m a spoiled brat. No shade to anyone but it’s annoying when I’m asked oh did your mother help you get this, or seeing something I have and thinking its expensive (which is far from being true, thrifter for life lol ).  I remember when I was younger I stayed  the summer with my cousins, and when I pulled out my lotion my cousin said, “of course you have the good stuff” Huh??

Honestly I started to feel some type of way by some comments that were made about my character. So, I began pushing myself so hard just to avoid people thinking I needed someone to help me along the way. In the process of trying to get validation from others and show them, “hey I can do all these things with no help from anyone , I’m no brat!”,  I guess you can say I developed the “I’m a big girl now” disease. (And yes I made that up)

If you thought I was going to end this post saying, “but now I’m 25 and I’ve broken the habit of rushing my life to prove to everyone I’m independent and I’m no longer spoiled” you thought wrong. Eh, although I wish I didn’t care so much about others opinion, I will say it has taught me to be my own superhero. Because I worked so hard to prove everyone wrong, in a way, I grew into my independence, and yes I spoil myself with no regret. I went out, found several jobs, yes several lol, moved out of my mother house, and I responsibly take care of all my needs on my time.

I look at it like this, my parents set a standard over my life, if you call that spoiled, so be it. Instead of me trying to prove myself to others that I’m finally a “big girl”, what I should have been thinking, with my head held high and my crown titled to the side, is I’m worth everything and I don’t need to apologize for it!

“It’s not what people call you, it’s what you respond to.” So, no longer do I care if people think I’m spoiled, or if what I have came from my parents. Or, oh here’s another one for you “bourgeois” ( another post coming soon on this *mean side eye*). I stopped letting others opinion about me control my life.

Until next time Cravers!

“I live for me and anyone who has a problem with that can… well, I’m sure you know how the rest of the phrase goes.” – Monic

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  1. kelley says:

    I dig it!

    I know some of this comes from jealousy. My ex’s mom had never been in his apartment after him living there for five years. And they lived only like 30-40mins from each other! [Keep in mind he visits her often at her home and he’d always go home with a plate of food.] So all I did was say “she’s never visited you-?” and he cuts me off saying not everyone has a relationship like me and my mom.

    So you better believe that is some projection onto you what they feel they’re lacking. And it takes a big girl to admit she’s spoiled 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Monic says:

      Oh wow yes,that’s some personal issues going on there lol but if that’s all it took to cut you off he wasn’t worth your time anyway smh But I’m glad I’m finally in a place where I can turn what people label a “bad”thing into something great for myself!
      Oh, how’s your 31-day challenge going? I know you were going for 69!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. kelley says:


        I will be honest and say I’ve skipped a few days. But I’ve been writing them in my sketchbook when they come to me. I’m still shooting for 69. Thanks for the reminder!

        Liked by 3 people

  2. nosyjosie says:

    “It’s not what people call you, it’s what you respond to.” – I love this! You have to know yourself better than anyone else knows you, and it sounds like you’re at that place now. Good for you! Your life decisions should be made from where you would like to see yourself – not where someone else would like to see you. Keep on this path!


    1. Monic says:

      Thank you Queen! I live by this saying along with some others. I have really been working on knowing and loving myself, I have a long way to go but I’m excited about living for me !

      Liked by 2 people

      1. nosyjosie says:

        Its a never ending journey so don’t rush it or try to “date” it. Just enjoy watching yourself become more and more beautiful. I just published a post today called Unapologetically Unavailable. Its about dating yourself. Might find a few words of encouragement in there 🙂


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