31-day challenge | part 2

Hey cravers, hey!! I’m back, in the same week! Lol

As you know, I challenged you guys to find yourself and basically discover how purple you really are. I am really amazed at the amount of people participating in this challenge, whether you’re doing 31 things or taking the full plunge and doing 69! Go you!

I was asked to provide ways on how to successfully accomplish this goal, with you or with a significant other. I’m not in the business of advising, but I’m here to push off what’s going on in my brain to help you guys!

First off, I’m not sure if “Purple” has been defined in the blog at all or explained in detail what it means to be a purple craver. Yes, Pearl has thoroughly explained bringing out your purple and that fierce energy of red, but we haven’t actually explained; my apologies.

PURPLE: combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

Talk about a craving, huh? lol

Honestly, if this definition alone doesn’t want to push you towards something great then this challenge may turn into something a lot deeper than you think.

Like I said, I’m no adviser, nor am I hear to define what your purple is, but what I can do is give you the nudge to do the challenge. I believe there are only two steps, acknowledging and starting.

Step 1.

Find out why this is needed. Explain to yourself or significant other that you/we are worth this. I’m worth the time, I’m worth the effort, and this positive energy is definitely worth it.

I’m sure we’ve all heard time and time again, communication is key. When I hear this, I don’t think of just communication with others, it’s with me as well. There’s nothing wrong with having a conversation with yourself about who you are and where you’re going in life.

The question on getting your “other” to participate, we’ll from a single girl’s perspective, explain to them that you want to get to know them on a more personal level. This isn’t just a “girly’ or “cheesy” thing to do just because you’re in a relationship. These can open doors on what the future of this relationship will be. Help them to understand, this is a way to break down any walls that are or can separate you guys. In this challenge, you’re not giving this person 31 things about yourself, that’s easy, they are giving you the 31 or more things they see in you, and vise versa.

In my head, this should be like standing in front of a mirror and your reflection telling you about what they see when they look at you, seeing as though the people we allow in our lives are reflection of who we are.

Anyway,these discussions should lead to new conversations, it can allow you both to say what you like or what they see you need help with and then find ways to balance them out. Example: I noticed “this” about you and I love that about you because that’s what I lack or I noticed you do “this” or I see you struggling with “that” so let’s do “this” to make you stronger in this area.

Let’s break out of making relationships all and only physical, I’m not saying being physical is a bad thing, but let’s be deep in love and not in lust.

Disclaimer, this challenge is in no way to bash or tear anyone down; I do not condone bashing anyone’s character.So we are not using, I see you do “this” and I don’t like it. Nope, we are here to uplift each other into greatness.

Step 2.

Once you establish why you’re doing this, start. There isn’t anything else to do but to start, it’s the 3rd day so that means, if you haven’t already started, you should at least have 3 things today about yourself, or partner.

Pick a time and place everyday where you find out who you are when no one is around, hey maybe you’ll find out that you can’t be by yourself, and plan out how to overcome that. I have a friend that always has to be talking or in the presence of someone all the time. I’m not sure if she realizes that about herself, but she can’t be alone.

Whatever you discover, let it be real. Like Pearl says in her recent post, keep a journal and write down what you discover about yourself. Don’t stop at just penning these things down, dig deep. With every realization ask yourself, how can I make myself stronger, or how can I pass this positive energy I have onto someone else?

Well cravers, I guess my light post turned in something a little heavy.

Until next time






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