Heyyyyy! Wacky Wednesday has arrived! I feel like I should continue the light energy of this week. But, I’m not lol I’ll do medium!

So, I have talked about refreshing your life as you knew it to discover or uncover your shade of purple, I’ve told you that it starts with you,continues with you and ends with YOU, I’ve even shined some light on how to move forward like being brutally honest with yourself and the benefits of beaming your shade of purple; being spiritually connected to a yourself, your partner,fam~ily,and friends with positive energies flowing from the universe!


Now, I want to talk about your different sides of PURPLE!

***It’s funny how this post this week talks about what Monic’s post challenges us to do;a prime example of being connected spiritually.***


By now you should have made the decision to, if you are not already there, to discover or uncover your shade of Purple and to flaunt it fiercly! The red side of your purple is, if you recall, Fierce energy. The amount of fierce energy will vary based on who you are inside. Do not force your fierceness because you will alter your shade of purple. What do you mean? Well, I don’t want you to go out and buy everything purple nor red for that matter. I simply mean become one with yourself and discover who you are;peraonality,pet peeves,what makes you blush, your favorite food,movie,activity,and your niche to name the least. This is the sassy side of you! You are sassy but not snotty, you are confident but not conceited,you are darring but not dangerous. You are free spirited with a wild heart, infectious smile and captivating eyes! Yes, you are or definitely can embody all of these characteristics!

  1. Look at yourself after being honest and after removing your makeup and say I am a Goddess, I am fierce!
  2. Pick one day every pay week to do something by yourself especially if you are single!😉 For me I would go to $5 movie day on Tuesdays and the next week I’d go to Happy Hour on Wednesdays. Be open to new conversation, gaining associates.
  3. Keep a journal and have personal time uninterrupted from social media,technology,everything. Record your feelings daily but more importantly on the days you date yourself. Find music,certain spot,silence and meditate for at least 5 minutes.

These are all things that I have done and am still doing. I have found though that this only works and becomes beneficial when you truely and wholeheartedly want this change. The moment when you want a change of course is different for everyone. Mine was when a guy started neglecting my child. It was one thing that he lied to and neglected me but he started not being present for my babygirl so that was IT! Figure out if you are ready now and GO BE FIERCE!!!

Share your mental. . .

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