Ladies, and men if you are interested, your intuition is your best friend. Clear your hearts emotions before trying this at home and you will have the pathway to be able to hear and listen to your intuition. It lends direction and clarity!

July 2015 I really made up my mind and sat my heart aside to get my personal life in order. I made a promise to myself to accept my acceptance of and purposely blinded eyes from, the mistreatment. No more boys or males that could not comprehend “Fragile, handle with care”. I was determined to regain the confidence,the dignity,the light, the intelligence,the real ME! I was in between being ok with being single because I was not truly ready to fully be someone’s “girlfriend” or more [My use of quotations will be explained in a later post] and not wanting to be alone,wanting to have someone to come home to,a man’s chest to lay on, his arms to hold me,to be his all in all. So, I made the complexity of this crazy cycle very simple. I left the guy I was having sex with because that is all it really was, I stopped answering calls and texts, I stopped giving in to my horniness, I stopped giving my number out, I deleted numbers and pictures. Ltm, it was hard at first but I swear it was easier than all the other times I tried. I focused on me and my baby girl!!
At that point she was 1 year old and was giving me new focus, new light, she became the red side of my purple;fierce energy! I needed this refocus and boost of energy because it kept me going past the time I allowed myself to cleanse and get it together! Shortly after, in August, I had an itch to go on Facebook?! 😒 Reluctant as I was I did and I saw someone I was recently thinking about. So, because I am a believer in words being powerful and seeing being even more powerful, I took my reality to feed my thoughts and I inboxed the young man just on a friendly,long time,hope all is well,what’s new, note. This was not by chance that that day I saw him after thinking about him to message him and to now be connected to him spiritually,emotionally,physically by the most energetic vibes and universally sent energy!

So, here I am now. No more overnight scenarios; we are happy with each other one day at a time. He does enhance the hue of my purple!

The focus has to be you and remain you! It is ok to put you first, respect you first,love you first and watch it come back to you like a boomerang, it will gravitate to you like a magnet!

One love,

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