…But I don’t know how to adult!

Why didn’t anyone tell us that our 20s would be this freakin confusing? I mean, no one said anything! When I was younger I remember being excited about being in my 20s. TV made it seem like it would be the best part of your life. LIES!!

The definition of being in your 20s should be “I’m just trying to make it” because I swear that’s always the response when I ask someone how they’re doing.

I’m not complaining about it but, at least as kids we had guides telling us what, when, and how to do something. For most of us, once college was over we stepped right into the world of confusion.

Side note: For those of you in your 20s and you have it all together, kudos to you! You figured it out! Please share your wisdom!

Entering your 20’s, “adulthood”, who knows what to do with this title? It was just kinda handed to us one day and we were left to figure this crap out.

I know for me, every day I felt like, “who do I run to”? ( Xscape reference for the 90s babies lol)

I will say that once you get over the hump and into your late 20s it gets a little easier.

I took the hard and long way of dealing with my early 20s. I promise you, if you met me at the beginning of my “adult” life, you would think I had it all together, sorry, nope! I’m just great at making everything look like it’s all good, when really I’m just as confused as everyone else.

Anyway, let me just get all the negative things out now. You’re going to cry…a lot, you’re going to fail, and you’re going to want to give up.

Like myself, I’m sure we’ve already experienced at least one of these things, but don’t worry about it. You can’t see the end of the tunnel now and everything seems like it’s going wrong, but I promise, this is only the beginning of your great story!

Now that I’m a little on track, if I could go back and talk to my younger self, I would say:

  1. Use your resources:

I wish I wasn’t so hard headed and did that. I literally waited until I felt like my world was crashing down before I asked for help. I don’t know about you but I felt like my parents finished their job in raising me and if I didn’t know something, it is now only my responsibility to find out how. I’m not sure where this thought came from but I felt I had to be perfect. Don’t follow what I did. If you are lucky enough to have someone to help guide you, soak up that knowledge! It will make things so much easier during your transition into being an adult.

  1. Stop living in fear:

Short and sweet…Fear blocks your blessings. I can’t preach this enough. I’ve noticed that our generation is afraid of EVERYTHING! Love, trying new things, friendship, trusting, and starting over.

Warning!! It’s about to get real…

…It’s ok to have a broken heart. We’ve all been heartbroken and yes GAWD it hurts but the way I see it, you now know how to deal with your next relationship. I think I’ve learned the most about myself from heartaches than anything else. (More details in a later post) Don’t allow what someone else did to you stop you from finding and still believing in love.

…it’s ok to try new things, it’s never too late to start over. This is the time you should! Explore new options. Break out of your comfort zone! I can’t be the only one that’s suffocating in that small zone. How can you move forward to those big dreams if you’re holding on to the past?

… Despite what Drake says, it’s ok to have new friends! How can you learn new things if you’re not allowing new people in your life. I’m not saying they have to be your best friend, but you can’t evolve as a person chillin’ in the same social circle from elementary school.

  1. Find your chill button:

Be patient! Everything that is supposed to happen will, in the right time. The things you want will come but in the meantime get your life in order. Life can get so busy at times, so why add more to it by stressing over something you have no control over.

Until next time cravers



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