Pearl | Purple

Purple Cravings! When the idea was brought to me I got excited and began to think of how predestined it was for me to be a part of this monumental movement! Purple; it’s my favorite color, it symbolizes royalty as I am a Queen; by nature, by demand and it is even one of my childhood nicknames that stayed with me. Cravings means to have a powerful desire or hunger for something,typically food.

My name is Pearl and I have a powerful desire for calm stability and I feed my being with privileged spirituality. I nourish my personality with creativity and fierce energy.

Ironically, it was not always like that. I have had heartbreaks, disappointments, relationship issues, and yes I even played a fool more than once. But, I have always had a vibrant, kind,infectious, forgiving spirit that brought me through those rough times. Subsequently, I have always used my experience and unbiased, non-judgemental advice to inspire and motivate the people in my life! So, it only seems fitting to continue that through this vehicle;Purple Cravings!

The old me made and is still making the improving me today. In retrospect,the shade of Purple I exuberated was dual and hungry for vibrancy, but purple nonetheless! Today my desire and thirst for new knowledge, for a way to make me and the next person better,for happiness and fulfillment feeds my shade of Purple daily so that it shines vibrantly and powerful, as a Queen should! I am now at the point where no matter what I choose happiness. I no longer tolerate negativity from friends,family and especially men that I date. I am comfortable with being by myself but having a companion is great too! I have shifted from Religion to Spirituality and all the things I thought was important; holidays, special events, man-made social norms, stereotypes, etc no longer govern my way of living. My fam~ily and friends mean everything to me and here, I along with two of my very beautiful friends, plan to take you on a journey that hopefully will instill in you the desire to discover or uncover your greatest shade of Purple!

For me my identity is not revealed because I do not want you to be blinded by your own thoughts that struggles,trials,success and beauty has a specific color,race,culture,background,etc. Use your mind to see where we have crawled from and your intuition and vibes to pick up on where we are journeying to!

One love,


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  1. pearl1111 says:

    Reading back I know I really have obtained a more profound level of self love,spiritual awareness and I am loving it. Please comment and/or ask for advice as your vibes will help me grow more!


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